GasZero, a zero gas zkRollup infrastructure platform, has officially released its testnet Alpha 1.0

Co-founders of GasZero, Adam and Dr. Meng (Jery), attended the TimeStamp Summit hosted by Cointime in Singapore. During the keynote speech, Adam announced the official launch of GasZero’s Alpha 1.0 testnet, effective immediately. The Alpha 1.0 testnet is expected to run for a duration of 3 to 6 months, during which the team will conduct stress testing and initiate the deployment of the primary ecosystem. Several ecosystem partners have already entered the technical integration phase. GasZero will also initiate interactive task activities.

Adam and Dr. Meng (Jery) shared their project’s narrative and technology at the event, highlighting the 0Gas solution aimed at addressing the current challenges of Web3 traffic. This solution primarily offers users a seamless Web3 interaction experience by addressing three major obstacles for Web2 users transitioning to Web3: mnemonic phrases, fiat on-ramps, and contract interaction gas fees.