GeniiData, a Global Crypto Market Data Analytics Platform, Partnered with OrcDao, has Announced Its Launch of The World’s First ORC20 Index

Following its launch, the gas fees have continuously surged, while market activities and trading frequency have noticeably increased.

According to Binance, the ORC-20 protocol is an upgrade to the BRC-20 protocol. The ORC-20 protocol aims to improve security and flexibility, support more extensive data formats, and use the UTXO model to prevent double-spending.

GeniiData has become the first platform to launch ORC20 Index which greatly accelerated the development of the ecosystem. The index supports the following features:

• Displaying information on ORC-20 token deployment, including maximum supply, current minting status, and upgradeability
• Providing ORC-20 token holder information
• Recording transaction flows and verifying transaction status

Following the launch of the ORC20 index, the ORC-20 community experienced a rapid growth in attention and engagement. The introduction of the index has facilitated the development of the ecosystem by providing a much-needed reference point for ORC-20 token deployment, holder information, and transaction flow records.

As the first global platform to offer an index based on the ORC-20 specification, GeniiData has played a significant role in promoting the growth of the community. The platform’s commitment to supporting promising ecosystems and expanding its data and analysis capabilities matrix has made it a professional, trustworthy, timely, and easy-to-use cryptocurrency market data platform for investors.