Global Debut of the First Zero-Knowledge Proof SoC Chip

Accseal Ltd. recently announced the completion of its successful development of the world’s first Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) System-on-Chip (SoC) acceleration chip—the Accseal LEO chip.

Since 2020, ZKP has garnered significant attention as the optimal solution for Web3 scalability, privacy protection, and zero-trust interoperability. The industry has been actively working on addressing the challenge of obtaining high-speed and cost-effective ZKP hardware acceleration solutions.

The Accseal team, leveraging the intellectual support from Stanford University and Tsinghua University, dedicated a year and a half to the project, achieving success for the first chip tape-out. Mass production is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. The Accseal LEO Chip adopts the cutting-edge 12nm processing, enabling complex MSM and NTT operations. It supports programmable design ­– by adjusting the upper-layer protocols, the Accseal LEO Chip can be compatible with a number of projects based on ZK-SNARK algorithms, including Aleo, Scroll, zkSync, Taiko, Aztec, Linea, etc. Additionally, it can be applied to DePIN projects. It is understood that the Accseal LEO Chip is more than one year ahead of other competitors and offers a highly competitive cost-performance advantage over traditional FPGA/GPU solutions.

In the coming year, the team plans to initiate mass production of the Aleo-dedicated ASIC mining machines and SoC chips compatible with ZK-STARK/FHE programming, along with further enhancing the computational performance of the Accseal LEO Chip to a greater level.

Accseal will soon commence product pre-sales and welcomes strategic collaborations inquiries from relevant projects.