Hailstone Labs, Frax, Baboon VC & Spartan Group Host “HK DeFi Night” To Discuss Innovations Of DeFi

On 19 April 2023, Frax Protocol, a leading DeFi stablecoin protocol, will co-host “HK DeFi Night” with leading VCs and incubators in Web3: Hailstone Labs, Baboon VC, and Spartan Group. Happening in Thirsty Shaker, SoHo, Hong Kong, the event aims to spark the next wave of innovation and breakthroughs in Hong Kong.

The private cocktail night attracted over a hundred DeFi leaders and degens, including representatives of leading exchanges, leading L2s, Hong Kong government institutions, top global financial groups, industry-leading venture capitals, leading DeFi protocols, and more.

“Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of technology and finance, it’s thrilling to witness Hong Kong emerging as a beacon for Web3 and crypto enthusiasts. With its thriving ecosystem and progressive mindset, the city is poised to lead the charge towards a decentralized future, and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of this historic shift.” – Raymond, CEO of Hailstone Labs

“We are thrilled to host the first-ever Frax event in Hong Kong. The community has been extremely accommodating and welcomed us with open arms. We are excited for all the builders, investors, and enthusiasts from across the ecosystem to come to join us and be a part of history.” – DeFi Dave of Frax and Flywheel

“It’s awesome to see Hong Kong stepping up as a Web3 hub again. The future of finance will be decentralized, and as a VC that’s lucky enough to call HK home, we’re excited to play our part — especially alongside great partners like Frax, Hailstone Labs, and Spartan Group. WAGMI!” – Anthony, Founder of Baboon VC

“Excited to be supporting the first Hong Kong DeFi night with Frax; Spartan has been extensively investing in DeFi and would love to continue to support the development in this vertical – so please come and join us tomorrow night and learn more about DeFi and its latest development.” – Cody, Investment Analyst from Spartan Capital