How to do interaction and get airdrop income?

Recently, zksync interaction is very popular. Many people regard zks as a key construction project in the future. Compared with Layerzero and starknet, many people think that zks airdrop has higher expectations and benefits.

A friend made 10 groups of ARB interaction accounts and gained more than 10,000 ARBs, which amounted to more than 10,000 US dollars in revenue.

He said that his friend ARB made 40 groups of accounts, and each account received more than 2,000 ARBs, plus the subsequent airdrops such as aidoge and cheems, and harvested more than 500,000 US dollars.

Now friends are focusing on interacting with zks, and have already made 1,000 accounts. They are down-to-earth, deeply interacting, and waiting for future results.

This friend saw with his own eyes a friend around him who received an airdrop of 500,000 US dollars by doing interaction, but he didn’t listen to his friend’s advice and lost 100,000 by playing contracts.

zksync basic interaction and gas fee

Some people have made huge profits in the airdrop, but it is really not easy to do the interaction. It requires not only capital, but also time and energy investment.

Sometimes the gas on the chain is expensive, a cross-chain is 20 dollars, sometimes a swap is a few dollars, and an interaction requires tens of dollars of cost investment.

If you want to get a higher airdrop weight, you need to interact back and forth multiple times to become an in-depth account in the project ecology. Moreover, there is basically no return on investment in a short period of time, and sometimes it is far away, and it may be in vain.

Without the concept of airdrops, and without the stimulation of benefits visible to the naked eye of friends around you, it is difficult to persist in investing, which costs money, time and energy.

To do interaction, you need to understand various basic operations, identify true and false information, and sometimes authorize a phishing link, and the wallet will be reset to zero. There are thresholds for interaction, and continuous learning is required.

Website of commonly used tools for zk interaction

Some friends asked, since the airdrop income potential is huge, and I don’t have the time and energy, can I find someone to do it for me. A player introduced in detail the “truth of acting on behalf of an agent”. In summary, finding someone to interact with is to find someone to interact with an account at your own expense.

If there is an airdrop income, the airdrop income of the account will be distributed according to a certain ratio; if the witch is checked, or there is no airdrop, the investment will be wasted, and the person who interacted has invested time and energy.

It sounds reasonable, one investment and one execution, but there are also risks.

For example, if you invest $20,000 to find someone to interact with ZKS, whether the person receiving the money will actually interact with the account; will there be any income and will not be willing to distribute; or the income other than the interaction will be taken away by yourself; or take the investor’s money It is difficult to supervise if it is used for other purposes, and various situations may happen.

After all, the mnemonic is in the hands of others, and investors have no initiative at all. Making money and losing money are just words from others.

The web3 task that zksync is doing

Finding someone to interact with is equivalent to giving money to someone else to invest, and the risk is huge; it is better to buy btc or eth directly. Although the profit ratio is not that great, it is in your own hands anyway.

If you invest in fields that you don’t understand, the end result will be losses. It is impossible for people to make money that is beyond recognition.

People who make money through interaction operate on their own, figure out how to play it, from one number to a group of numbers, to a batch of numbers, step by step, bigger and more.

If you find someone else to operate, lose your own money and blow up other people’s wallets, and still be grateful to others, it’s really a stupid way.

What is the future of zksync?

​Doing interactions and waiting for airdrops may have dividends. After all, only a few people can persevere, and the project party market needs interaction data.

I watch a group of friends show off their airdrop income every day. I am tempted but have no execution ability, and I can only envy others.

People who make money are making money secretly, and those who can’t find a way and are unwilling to continue learning can only stay where they are in the end, watching others earn millions and getting better and better, but they themselves become more and more anxious.

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I’m Chuxiaolian, and I’m paying attention to Metaverse and web3.



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