Introducing Dogewalk: Web 3.0 GameFi& SocialFi App for Dog Lovers

Launching on June 18, 2023, Dogewalk is a Web3.0 GameFi and SocialFi App that is set to bring in some fresh energy to the current pet community. The project aims to create a more value-add pet community for worldwide dog lovers in the Web3.0 space by allowing them to walk their dogs and earn tokens as income.

By combining elements of GameFi and SocialFi, Dogewalk enhances the interaction among dog parents and also with their beloved companions. Dogewalk hasidentified a growing market in the pet industry, targetingyoung consumers, particularly dog owners aged between 18-34. These consumers are young, fun and open to new concepts. They also have significant spending power and consistent needs for dog-related services, making them perfect target audience.

Recognizing the challenges of finding time to care for pets in today’s busy world, Dogewalk provides a solution that allows dog parents to fulfill their responsibilities while also receiving rewards. With a goal to build a global community of dog lovers who value their pets and digital assets, Dogewalk is situated at the crossroads of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, and aims to bridge the gap in thisdigital era.

Dogewalk App: A Fun Experience for Dog Lovers

Dogewalk app, which integrates gamification and social aspects with multiple in-app functionalities, is smooth and easy to use for dog parents and dog lovers. Users can purchase dog NFTs and dog leashes within the app, allowing them to walk up to five virtual dogs at the same time; each needs to be with an individual leash and earn in-game tokens called $BONES. The app features enjoyable mini-games, including territorial expansion, where users can compete for prizes based on their ranking.

In the future, users will be able to exchange their earned $BONES for various digital and physical pet products or services, enriching their pets’ lives. Dogewalk is partnering with dog supply companies, veterinarians, and dog service providers to enable $BONES as a form of payment for discounts. Additionally, users can redeem $BONES for Dogewalk’s governance token, which will be available for trading on major crypto exchanges soon.

Ongoing Event: “Make Meme Coin Great Again”

Dogewalk’s is currently having a “Make Meme Coin Great Again” campaign (May 19th – June 18th , 2023), thatallows users to stake their Meme Coins ($DOGE, $SHIB, $PEPE, $FLOKI, or $BABYDOGE) for rewards. Participants can hold a minimum of $100 worth of the above meme coin to join. A random snapshot of the wallet holdings will take place during June 19th to June 25th and 100 lucky winners will receive a blind box of mixed meme coins and also a unique Dogewalk NFT.In coming future, Dogewalk NFT will enable winners to earn $BONES in the Dogewalk app, with potential earnings of up to 1000x. You can find more details on Dogewalk’s website:

Whether you’re a dedicated dog lover, a caring dog parent, or simply curious about the possibilities of the Web 3.0, Dogewalk welcomes you. Stay tuned by following Dogewalk on Twitter (@dogewalk_app) and Instagram (@dogewalk_official) and join their Discord community.

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A new and valuable WEB3 community for dog lovers around the world, allowing people to walk their dogs and earn tokens for income.