Is there a chance to make millions in the crypto market?

In the past few days, Bitcoin has broken through $30,000 and once rose to $31,431, which is a new high since June 2022.

In November and December last year, Bitcoin hovered around 16k for more than 2 months, and it has doubled, and the time has come to June 2023.

Unknowingly, Bitcoin has been out of 16k for a long time, and the price of more than 10,000 BTC may have gone forever?

If you look at the price of 31k from the historical high of 69k, it has dropped a lot; but if it is from 16k to now, it has almost doubled.

Bitcoin weekly trend

There is a friend who saw the recent rising price a few days ago and placed a sell order of 30500. He did not expect that there would be 31k after 30500.

He is a bit regretful that he sold short, but it is difficult for anyone to accurately grasp every opportunity in the spot swing, and he does not know whether the next time will rise or fall?

There is also a friend who started to play fixed investment in November last year, which was the historical low point in the recent period. I don’t know how much he built a position at that time, whether it is from 16k all the way to the current 30k.

No one knows whether fixed investment or swing is better, and no one knows which method will make more profits or lose more before a round of bulls and bears has been completed.

Crypto market monthly volatility ratio

Chuxiaolian shared the zksync interactive ranking list last week, feeling that he was lazy for a week, and the interactive ranking dropped from more than 300,000 to more than 600,000.

It shows that many people are interacting silently. Although they continue to spend gas, most people believe that every gas spent is a certificate for future airdrop quotas. Although no one can tell if there is any and how much value it is.

There is a punk zksync interactive ranking that has entered the top1% range, ranking 18386. He said that nearly 1ETH of gas has been consumed, and he asked me how many airdrops there will be. I really don’t know.

Another player said that he manually made 120 groups of account interactions, 6 groups per day, 20 days per month, and 120 groups in one month.

You can’t be lazy when doing interactions. If you don’t do it, you will be quietly overtaken by others and left behind.

With so many accounts interacting, either there is no airdrop, and a large amount of gas fees are in vain; or the airdrop is received, and you get rich overnight; the invested ETH is more likely to generate repercussions than losing money in the contract or playing with local dogs.

zksync interaction ranking 18386

Does choosing the encrypted world really have the opportunity to achieve wealth accumulation, from ordinary people to people with millions of balances in their accounts?

Regardless of spot goods or contracts, interaction or game play, everyone works hard on their home field, and only with hard work can they gain, and there must be some luck. No gain is easy.

The floor price of Boring Ape fell to 38ETH

For example, as an interactive player with 120 accounts, how many people can do it; for example, how many KOLs who update 20 tweets a day, how many people can continue to output;

For example, publishing research reports every week, monitoring data movement on the chain, tracking whale wallets, following people who are struggling with various operations, etc.; after so much effort, it is possible to fail to zero, and it will be closer to success.

Everyone in the encryption market is an ordinary person, it is difficult to get a jump through one or two opportunities, but everyone continues to work hard on the road of life;

Diligence does not necessarily make you rich, but laziness is doomed to accomplish nothing.

Several projects to focus on

It may be difficult to find a “treasure” in the currency circle, but it is relatively fair. It doesn’t matter who is behind each wallet. It only depends on what the wallet does and what traces it leaves on the chain; it does not look at the background of the wealth, but only at personal efforts .

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I am Chuxiaolian, and I am following the web3 and encryption world.



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