KBW 2023 Top 10 Highlights Preview | Explore South Korean Web3 Market with Mike

by Karen, ForesightNews

The roller-coaster development of the South Korean crypto market has left us with many fascinating stories. As the second-largest country in terms of cryptocurrency adoption rates, the world’s understanding of the South Korean crypto market remains limited due to language barriers. To assist more Chinese Web3 participants in understanding the South Korean crypto market, ForesightNews has launched a column called “Follow Mike to Explore Korea (A twitter space series)”.

In the first episode, we invited Mike to talk about the past and present of Korea Blockchain Week (KBW), and looked forward to KBW 2023, which is just a month away. We hope that KBW will be a starting point to unfold the complete picture of the Korean blockchain industry.

About Korea Blockchain Week (KBW)

Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) is a premier blockchain and web3 event that brings together the industry’s brightest minds to discuss, redefine, and celebrate the future of the industry. Founded and hosted by FACTBLOCK and co-hosted by Hashed, KBW is returning for the sixth year. The highly anticipated KBW2023 will be the story of blockchain and web3 told over 6 days in three parts: IMPACT, The Gateway and Seoulbound. 

IMPACT, the keystone conference, hosted by FACTBLOCK and co-hosted by Hashed, provides a captivating platform for influential figures to delve into the latest topics in blockchain, web3, gaming, DeFi, NFTs, regulations, and more. The Gateway: Korea, a new powerful addition to KBW2023, co-hosted by nft now and FACTBLOCK is an immersive audiovisual gallery of leading digital artists and compelling programming of fireside chats, keynote speakers and more. Micro Seoul Festival: Seoulbound, a two-day EDM and visual art music festival co-hosted by FACTBLOCK, Seoul Land and RXM, will take place at Seoul Land and serve as the closing ceremony for KBW2023.

KBW2023: Highlighted Events

KBW is an annual event that fosters knowledge sharing and innovation for the industry. It brings together experts and builders from various verticals to exchange ideas, explore new trends and enhance the collective understanding. KBW2023 will be held from September 4th to September 10th. KBW 2023 will consist of three main events: IMPACT, The Gateway, and Seoulbound.

The main event ‘Impact‘ will take place for two days from September 5th – 6th, while the rest of the week will feature satellite events and interactive activities. KBW official has an exceptional lineup of keynote speakers who will inspire and enlighten the audience throughout the week. These experts in their respective domains will provide valuable perspectives on the future of the digital assets sector. KBW2023 offers a variety of sessions that explore the fascinating world of blockchain. Attendees can dive into the future of DeFi, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain apps across various industries and discover the latest trends while gaining insights from industry leaders.

The Gateway: Korea’ is an exciting exploration world of digital art and culture. Attendees can discover the power of art, collectibles, and all that is Web3. The Gateway: Korea will take place on September 7th-8th, coinciding with Frieze Seoul, highlighting the growing relevance of digital assets in the realm of art history as well as Web3’s evolving presence in Asia. The first wave of artists to expect at The Gateway: Korea includes Beeple, one of the highest-selling NFT artists of all time, the innovative Alpha Centauri Kid, whose art and experimentation with drop mechanics have helped shape the space as we know it today, All Seeing Seneca, the artist behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, Dave Krugman, Deekay, Driftershoots, Grant Yun, Krista Kim, Sam Spratt, ThankYouX, Tyler Hobbs, Zancan, and many more.

KBW2023 also brings ‘SeoulBound’, an official closing party. This trailblazing event combines the power of Web3 with an immersive music experience showcasing world-class DJs and visual artists. Co-hosted by FACTBLOCK, Seoul Land, and RXM at Seoul Land in Gwacheon, the festival ushers in a new era for this epicenter of domestic music festivals. SEOULBOUND 2023 will debut groundbreaking tech installations including the Rhydome – the world’s first and largest interactive sound dome with Dolby Atmos sound, and the Bigmoon Screen – a semi-circular display stage that soars to 28 meters, the highest in Korea. By embracing innovative trends, SEOULBOUND 2023 not only encapsulates the forward-thinking spirit of the KBW conference but also underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and entertainment. The dates to save are September 9th-10th at Seoul Land.

KBW2023: Top 10 Highlights Preview

We are excited to share some of the key themes this year for KBW 2023 

“Fundamental Questions” is an exploration that delves into both the past and the future that awaits us. Why privacy, why blockchain and where does crypto root? The theme is dedicated to the fundamentals of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency with its stimulating thesis.

“Kingdom of Ethereum” will dive into the remarkable journey of the Ethereum community as it strives for scalability. This exploration will shine a light on how infrastructure players are actively contributing to the development of the ‘new’ finance on the Ethereum platform.

“Oil the Wheels” is a thought-provoking investigation that aims to tackle the subject of blockchain-based tools, including development tools and oracles. It will shed light on how these tools facilitate seamless user onboarding, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience.

“Way to Billions” is an exploration aimed at shedding light on the key contributors to mass adoption in the cryptosphere. This in-depth analysis will dive into various aspects, including payment infrastructure, stable coins, wallets, and the synergy between Web3 and Web2.

“What’s On-chain” is a compelling theme that highlights the immense power of on-chain analysis and its diverse applications. This exploration will showcase how on-chain analysis can be harnessed effectively in areas such as DeFi, risk management, research and more.

“Regional Taste” is a captivating exploration that delves into the authentic communities in Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia, as they take the lead in guiding the public towards embracing the world of cryptoassets. How their individual strengths foster widespread adoption.

“Tech Unleashed” is an engaging theme that prioritizes technology insights, aiming to foster crucial debates surrounding groundbreaking concepts such as zkEVM, modular and monolithic narratives, multichain development, orderbook DEXs, shared sequencing, and much more.

“Digital Nations” embarks on an exploration of the transformative potential of decentralized infrastructure that shapes the paradigm for organizations and communities. This theme focuses on the realm of DAOs and decentralized social networking as keys for building communities.

“Institutional Bridge” is a compelling theme that serves as a bridge between Web3 projects and traditional commercial and finance conglomerates. This theme invites two worlds to create a platform where innovative ideas, technologies, and business models can converge.

“Regulation” is a crucial theme that invites influential figures from the legal side of the crypto industry to provide insights into their perspectives. By engaging in this dialogue, the theme seeks to foster a better understanding of the regulatory landscape.

Come join us this fall at #KBW2023 to hear from the most insightful leaders of the industry at the heart of Seoul!

KBW Side Events

In addition to the main sessions, there will be various satellite events with projects during the KBW2023. From networking socials to hackathons, lightning talks and panel discussions, there are plenty of opportunities to connect, learn, and engage. Participation in KBW2023 is open to everyone.

Korea Blockchain 2023 Side Event List

Participation Guide for Chinese Attendees

Language support is crucial for your participation. Therefore, KBW Official have arranged dedicated Chinese interpreters on-site for the event. These professionals will be readily available to assist you in real-time during the main sessions and breakout groups, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the proceedings.

Traveling from China to Korea involves a relatively short journey, but some pre-planning can make it more comfortable. Check your flight details well in advance, and remember to pack essentials like travel adapters for Korean outlets. Consider downloading a local subway app for easier navigation.

Consult the Korean Embassy in China for the latest visa information. You can visit their official website or contact the embassy directly. Remember, your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond your planned stay.

Understanding Korean culture can enhance your experience. Koreans are hospitable, and respecting their customs is appreciated. Learn simple Korean phrases, observe etiquette in public places, and follow local norms. KBW official also suggest that you sample local cuisine and visit historical sites to fully appreciate the richness of Korean culture.