Korea’s renowned DEX, KLAYswap Integrates BitKeep Wallet

Korea’s decentralized exchange (DEX) platform KLAYswap has partnered with multi-chain wallet BitKeep and now supports connection with the BitKeep Wallet. Users can now connect to KLAYswap using their BitKeep Wallet browser extension and perform on-chain activities such as token swaps, staking, liquidity mining and more. Previously, BitKeep Swap, BitKeep’s integrated swap feature, introduced DEX aggregation for KLAYswap, providing liquidity and trading accessibility on the Klaytn chain for users on both the BitKeep Wallet app and browser extension.

BitKeep Wallet supports over 90 public chains and boasts a comprehensive product suite including a wallet function, Swap feature, NFT marketplace, DApp browser, Launchpad and more. Among them, its integrated on-chain aggregation trading platform BitKeep Swap covers more than 20 public chains and facilitates cross-chain trading between 17 chains. It supports flash swaps at real-time market prices, limit orders and other trading modes. Additionally, its innovative “Instant Gas” service allows users to easily complete swap transactions without paying for gas in the native token of the transacting chain, providing a seamless and convenient trading experience for everyone.