Lending Protocol Eralend hacked for more than $2.7 million,can you withdraw?

This period, some users interacted with zkSync, and some users interacted with Eralend, pledged eth or usdc, and mainly wanted to increase the frequency of zk interactions.

In addition, Eralend also announced the platform point system, the longer the pledge time, the more the quantity, the higher the points;

And promised that if the zkSync ecology airdrops for the project in the future, Eralend will airdrop part of the received airdrops to interactive users according to the weight of user points.

I also saw this information and interacted with Eralend; and wanted to get points, I also pledged for a while.

Yesterday, I saw a discussion on Twitter that the project was hacked, and it was difficult to withdraw the coins; I couldn’t withdraw them this morning, and I was lucky until noon, when someone was depositing, and I was able to withdraw them. .

If you still have pledged in Eralend, you can go to see if you can still withdraw money. After all, in the encryption market, whenever there is negative news, it will collapse overwhelmingly.

EraLend is a community-centered lending agreement. The official announcement was made more than ten hours ago. It was attacked by hackers, and the lending operation was suspended, resulting in a loss of more than 2.7 million US dollars.

As the news fermented, those with quick hands had withdrawn their coins and left, and those with slow hands could no longer operate now, and could only wait for further official announcements and remedial measures.

Can Eralend still withdraw?

Security risks exist at any time in the encryption market. If the wallet is hacked accidentally, the mnemonic is stolen, and the balance returns to zero instantly.

Sometimes some airdrop tutorials themselves are liars. They copy other people’s operation tutorials, change the project’s official website link to a phishing URL, click on the fake official website link, and the wallet is stolen.

Sometimes the community has a huge fomo mood. This project must send an airdrop, and that project has 10 times the chance. Many tweets are advertisements of the project party, and there are even risky projects.

There are also some interactive projects, even if they are not scammers, the entire project may be stolen, and if the project is stolen, it is not known whether it was really a hacker or the project owner.

The defi interaction on the chain is hard to guard against. You want to get points or APY income, and the dealer wants your pledge. If you don’t check it and rush when you see it, it is very likely that your wallet will be hacked.

Instead of waiting for the airdrop of the project, I paid the tuition with my wallet balance.

Recently starknet is more popular than zkSync

I saw a tweet today, and I was deeply moved. It is true that doing more is more beneficial, and the more tossing, the less balance.

I am also in this state recently, exploring more web3 projects, but in the end, I lost both the gas and the principal.

In the encryption market, only by grasping the general trend can you take off with the trend; if you just follow the trend of fomo and become emotional, today’s wealth code and tomorrow’s opportunity will make yourself very anxious;

Once people become anxious, they are more prone to misoperations. Every mistake and carelessness in the chain ends with a loss of money.

Everyone’s attention is limited. If you use more Twitter, mix more groups, and follow more wealth codes, you may not gain anything in the end, but your mental entropy will increase. It’s better to do a little trendy behavior. Slow is fast. .

Linea mainnet is online

July has come to an end, no matter the profit or loss is in the past, the important thing is to sum up experience and avoid falling into the same trap again.

In the encrypted market, you must always be on eggshells and have a sense of vigilance, and only choose the way of losing money that suits you. There are too many ways to lose money in the market, so it is better to lose slowly within the scope of cognition.

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I’m Chuxiaolian, and I’m paying attention to Metaverse and web3.



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