Lido Integrates Support for BitKeep Wallet

Lido Finance, a liquid staking protocol, has now cross-integrated with BitKeep, offering users streamlined access to its services from their BitKeep Wallet. Users can easily stake their ETH via their BitKeep Wallet to earn rewards. This integration will enable users to connect to Lido Finance either via the BitKeep browser extension wallet or by searching for and accessing the Lido protocol from the DApp browser within their BitKeep Wallet mobile app. At the same time, the BitKeep team has also announced the impending launch of its own staking service, integrating protocols such as Lido Finance and Rocket Pool to support ETH2.0 staking. This will allow users to enjoy a more streamlined staking experience, and also easily monitor their earnings in real-time.

Following a recent $30 million investment from Bitget Exchange, a crypto derivatives trading platform, BitKeep is set to undergo a strategic brand repositioning and upgrade, and will be rebranded as Bitget Wallet.