Navigating the Web3 Gaming Revolution

​Newman Capital is thrilled to be organizing our first US event – Navigating the Web3 Gaming Revolution. This exclusive event is geared towards fostering a deep-dive into the rapidly evolving Web3 gaming landscape, a focal point for technological innovation, investment, and community engagement.

​As we navigate the dynamic universe of Web3 gaming, we are keen to bring together diverse thought leaders from around the globe, including game developers, infrastructure specialists and investors.


📅 June18th, Sunday

⏱ 13:00 to GMT-7 17:00


📍OnePiece Work- Santa Clara ↗

Santa Clara, California



​​Event Schedule

1:00 – 1:30pm: Welcoming & Intro

1:30 – 2:15: First Panel: Next Generation of Web 3 Game

  • ​Moderator: Anthony Cheng – Newman Capital
  • ​Speaker: Steve Wade – Midnight
  • ​Speaker: Michael Lee – Com2uS
  • ​Speaker: Joshua Spertell – Carbonated Games
  • ​Speaker: Jeff Witt – Laguna Games (Crypto Unicorn)

2:15 – 3:00pm: Second Panel: Evolution of Web3 Game Infrastructure

  • 2:15 – 3:00pm: Second Panel: Evolution of Web3 Game Infrastructure
  • ​Moderator: Dafu Guo – OnePiece Labs
  • ​Speaker: Lit Protocol – David Sneider
  • ​Speaker: Brendan Stock – Rippin
  • ​Speaker: Jess Zhang – Blockus

3:00 – 3:45pm Third Panel: Web3 Games Investment & AI Involvement

  • ​Moderator: Ryan Foo – Game Economist
  • ​Speaker: Hazel Chen – Shima Capital
  • ​Speaker: Stella Xu – Foresight Ventures
  • ​Speaker: Paige Xu – OKX Ventures

​3:45 – 5:00pm: Open Networking

​About Host

Newman Capital

​Newman Capital is a global venture capital firm with a full spectrum of exposure in the digital asset space across major ecosystems and verticals from web3 consumer to blockchain infrastructure. Recent investments include Openfort, Scroll, Orb Labs, Immutable X and more.

​​Participating Co-Host

OnePiece Labs

​Based in Silicon Valley, OnePiece Labs is a rising Web3 incubator providing one-stop solutions for all early stage Web3 startups. We value our community and aim to build the best community for all Web3 diggers.

Shima Capital

​Shima Capital is a leading early stage VC firm, founded by Yida Gao in 2021, investing in disruptive blockchain companies. The fund is deeply focused on taking a hands-on approach and working closely with its portfolio companies to provide the most sweat equity per dollar invested

Foresight Ventures

​Foresight Ventures is dedicated to backing Web3 projects that embody an ethos of decentralization while moving crypto towards long-term, mainstream adoption. 

OKX Ventures

​OKX Ventures will focus on the discoveries and investments in various aspects, including blockchain basic infrastructures, Layer2, DeFi, WEB3.0, NFT and Metaverse.


​Com2uS Group pursues innovation and creativity, bringing inspiration to the world through engaging content. Established as leaders of mobile gaming industry in South Korea, Com2uS and Com2uS Holdings has proven their competitiveness in the global market through numerous award-winning titles and hit IPs in various genres, including World of Zenonia, Summoners War: Sky Arena, Baseball Superstars, and MLB 9 Innings. Based on the proven development capabilities, global business strategies, and content value chain, they continue to lead the digital paradigm as a comprehensive content company encompassing blockchain and metaverse. In 2023, Com2uS Group plans to release more than 10 Web 3.0 games on XPLA, a Cosmos based Layer1 and launch an all-encompassing metaverse platform, ‘Com2Verse.’


​Midnight Society is a game studio founded on the core principles of transparency and open development. From as early as the creation of the very first weapon, environment, and gameplay systems, we ship playable builds of our games to our massive community of players. Started by four industry veterans, the studio has grown to over 50 AAA developers from the largest franchises in the world (Call of Duty, Halo, Fortnite). Their flagship title, DEADROP, is a vertical extraction shooter for a new age of competitive multiplayer games.

Carbonated Games

​Carbonated makes hardcore PVP multiplayer games accessible to everyone on their mobile phones and PCs, by using AI to drive moment-to moment gameplay.

Laguna Games

​Laguna Games builds open economic networks around community-owned IPs. These are born and grown over a number of years with the goal of becoming self-perpetuating peer-to-peer networks. At their core, they are a global community of players who collectively shape the direction of the underlying IP.


​XPLA is the next generation of Web3 mainnet, developed with gamers at the core of its design. Based on the idea of “Explore and Play”, XPLA is the newest innovation in the Web3 gaming space, using COSMOS SDK for optimization and features development support from Delight and ZenaAD. This new infrastructure serves as the bridge between Web2 and Web3 services, and will feature games, art, music and Dapps based on community-driven feedback from users. XPLA places heavy emphasis on User Experience and accessibility to craft the standard in game centric Web3 services, opening up limitless possibilities for blockchain gaming.

Lit Protocal

​Lit Protocol is a decentralized key management network for identity, encryption, and signing powered by threadhold cryptography, multiparty computation, and encrypted virtualization. With this network, builders can create seemless web3 onboarding and wallet experiences, store private data on the open web, automate DeFi, and more.