Neo APAC Hackathon in Singapore: A Prelude to TOKEN2049, Fostering Unity Among Innovators and Industry Leaders in the Heart of Web3

As the Pan Asia Web3 projects eagerly anticipate the grandeur of TOKEN2049 in Singapore, a prelude of excitement is set to unfold with the Neo APAC Hackathon, Singapore GAS Station. This highly anticipated event is designed to bring together Singapore’s dynamic community of developers and entrepreneurs, fostering innovation, collaboration, and invaluable connections with industry giants including OKXWeb3, Manta Network, Alchemy Pay and more. 

The Neo APAC Hackathon 2023 reaches its zenith with the Singapore GAS Station, the culmination of a series of City GAS Station sessions. With Singapore’s favorable regulatory conditions, it emerges as the ideal destination within the Web3 industry. This event underscores Neo’s unwavering commitment to fueling innovation and propelling Web3 growth across the Asia-Pacific region. Serving as the official side event of TOKEN2049, it sets the stage for a week of networking fervor in Singapore.

Spanning a comprehensive four-month campaign from July to October, the Neo APAC Hackathon blends online workshops and offline hacking weekends across five major APAC cities, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangalore, Seoul and Singapore. The campaign crescendos with a grand finale in Hong Kong on October 14th and 15th, featuring an exhibition and ceremony that celebrates the ingenuity of the participants.

Participants of the Singapore GAS Station are in contention for a substantial $22,000 prize pool and an exclusive invitation to the Hong Kong finale, complete with travel grant support. Furthermore, the event presents an opportunity to be part of a unique initiative: the $1 million post-hackathon grants pool established by the Neo Foundation. This visionary fund is dedicated to nurturing the future of Web3 in the APAC region, demonstrating Neo’s unwavering commitment to fostering growth, innovation, and collaboration.

However, the event extends beyond monetary rewards. Neo has meticulously designed this gathering as a unique platform for real-world interaction within the internet-based Web3 community. Esteemed guest speakers and judges from notable projects like OKXWeb3, Alchemy Pay, and Manta Networks will converge to provide profound insights and unparalleled opportunities. An afterparty awaits participants at the conclusion of the two-day hacking event—a moment of celebration and relaxation. AlienSwap, honored as the Golden Partner of the event, will design a series of NFTs and launch it exclusively on the AlienSwap platform.

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