New Revolution of EtherPOAP ‘POINT’ 

EtherPOAP Achieved

EtherPOAP OG, incubated by IPrinter DAO, has been started its free mint at ‘the Merge’ in 2022 Q3 for commemorating the historic Ethereum Merge. HashKey Group as the first core sponsor of EtherPOAP marked that HashKey Group had always been adhering to support the Ethereum ecosystem’s most ardent builders and community members.

In 2022 Q4, EtherPOAP has launched the revolutionary function of ‘Proofing’ for EtherPOAP OG. The EtherPOAP OG ‘Proofers’ would obtain ‘POINT’ as the early bird exclusive benefits through ‘Proofing’ according to the snapshot at 2023.2.17 17:00 (HKT).

EtherPOAP ‘POINT’ has officially launched in 2023, Feb. All the early bird ‘Proofers’ could check the ‘POINT’ rewards in .


EtherPOAP ‘POINT’ as the record of ‘POW’ on OG ‘Proofing’ and community contributing activities.

EtherPOAP ‘POINT’ Mechanism

The output of ‘POINT’ from OG ‘Proofing’ bases on the three standards: 1.) Rarity of EtherPOAP OG – EtherPOAP OG with purple, green, and golden color as the main traits would influence the ‘POINT’ output. The less of the relevant color that EtherPOAP OG existing in NFT collection, the more weight of the ‘POINT’ comes out; 2.) Amount of EtherPOAP OG with ‘Proofing’ – the more amount of EtherPOAP OG been ‘Proofing’, the more weight of ‘POINT’ comes out; 3.) ‘Proofing’ period of EtherPOAP OG – longer time range of OG been in ‘Proofing’ represents more ‘POINT’ comes out.

The EtherPOAP ‘POINT’ also as incentive rewards for active members that participate in future events both in EtherPOAP community and partner projects. EtherPOAP team plans to do a series of market campaign in 2023 for community members obtaining more ‘POINT’ as reward.

‘POINT’ Usage

EtherPOAP ‘POINT’ as the basis that would deeply involve in EtherPOAP ecosystem and partnership resources.

EtherPOAP ‘POINT’ owners could utilize the ‘POINT’ to join the series ‘Raffles’ in . [Please note that ‘Claim your ‘POINT’ before joining the Raffles.] EtherPOAP team prepares series bonus for participants. The bonus would be $ETH, token issued by Hong Kong licensed platform, grants token, ‘POINT’, whitelist of series 2 NFT, whitelist/allowlist of high qualified project, ticket of party/event, etc.

Team keeps hard working on gaining more benefits for the community. More BONUS will be continuously updated in EtherPOAP Raffles page.

‘POINT’ for ‘Trading Rewards’

EtherPOAP with HashKey DID has launched incentive campaign that people could trade EtherPOAP OG though Blur NFT marketplace to gain ‘POINT’ as ‘Trading Rewards’ since Feb, 21st,2023. We’d love to encourage people obtain both ‘POINT’ from EtherPOAP and relevant token airdrop from Blur.

More to Come

EtherPOAP team is developing more utility scenarios on obtaining ‘POINT’ for community members. Member and project partners could set their own raffles/giveaways that offering bonus like NFT whitelist, token, event ticket, etc., through ‘Raffles’ page for the community and obtain ‘POINT’ as reward. EtherPOAP committed to build a healthy EtherPOAP ecosystem and gain more benefits for community members.