OKX Upgrades “Iceberg Strategy” with New Features like “Order Preference”

OKX has announced a comprehensive upgrade to its Iceberg strategy, introducing several new features to enhance the user trading experience. The upgraded strategy is scheduled to go live on July 13th at 16:30. The new features include “Order Preference,” “Single Order Quantity,” and “Start Conditions,” among others.

After the update, OKX users can experience the Iceberg strategy by selecting the trading button at the bottom of the page. From there, they can navigate to the strategy section and create a new strategy by choosing the “Split Large Orders” option and selecting the Iceberg strategy. Alternatively, users can visit the official OKX website, click on the trading button in the navigation bar, select “Create Strategy” under the Strategy Trading section and the choose the iceberg Strategy.

The OKX Iceberg order strategy is designed to split and place large orders in batches. It allows users to customize their order preferences, split large orders, and execute hidden trades. This strategy helps reduce costs, minimize slippage, and mitigate market price volatility during large transactions.