OpenBuild and Starknet Foundation Successfully Conclude Starknet APAC Hackathon, Announcing Winning Projects

The Starknet APAC Hackathon jointly hosted by OpenBuild and Starknet Foundation, and co-organized by Starknet Chinese Community, Denglin Community, and Foresight X, has concluded. This hackathon featured three tracks: general, on-chain games, and DeFi. With over 300 developers registering, more than 35 projects were submitted, and 9 projects emerged as winners.

Among the award-winning projects, the general track winners are Amphitheater, Starlancer, and Moonlyt; the on-chain game track is CraftPunk, Mississippi Mini, STAR-EX; the Defi track is BrownFi AMM, DeFi Builder, and Multitask.

The hackathon’s cash prizes were provided by the Starknet Foundation and Mask Network, with Alibaba Cloud and ScaleBit contributing credits rewards for the winning teams.