Opside Incentivized Pre-alpha Testnet is Now Live

We are proud to announce that the Opside Incentivized Pre-alpha Testnet goes live on May 24th and is expected to operate for a duration of approximately three months. This testnet marks a significant milestone, reflecting our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that encourages widespread participation from PoS validators, PoW miners, developers, and end users. In this collaborative setting, Opside aims to test and refine a variety of functionalities, including:

  • The integration and efficacy of our hybrid PoS and PoW consensus mechanisms.
  • The successful adaptation and alignment with the ETH2.0 consensus model.
  • The operational performance and flexibility of our ZK-Rollup execution environment.
  • The implementation of various strategies to enable smooth and secure asset transfers between different layers and ZK-Rollups.
  • The practical application of our proposed tokenomics model.

1) General Users

General users are the backbone of the Opside network, as they help in assessing the core features of Opside, including cross-chain transactions, dApp engagements, and the fostering of a robust Opside ecosystem.

Opside offers an immersive and rewarding experience in partnership with Galxe, where users can freely engage in a variety of tasks and earn rewards for their participation.

Embark on this extraordinary journey with us .

Beyond our core initiatives, we will collaborate with numerous eminent industry partners to host side events. These events are a token of our appreciation for the unwavering support and encouragement we’ve received from our community over time.

We stand unwavering in our commitment to nurturing a thriving and prosperous ZKRollup ecosystem, powered by consistent and synergistic collaborative endeavors.

2) PoS Validators

For PoS Validators, the responsibility of maintaining the stability and security of the Opside network is of utmost importance. Validators process transactions, ensuring their accuracy and integrity within the network, and are incentivized to do so reliably and fairly through Opside’s tokenomics.

In addition, the Opside PoS launchpad simplifies the setup process for potential validators, promoting widespread participation.


OS: 64-bit Linux, Mac OS X 10.14+, Windows 10+ 64-bit

CPU: 4+ cores @ 2.8+ GHz

Memory: 16GB+ RAM

Storage: SSD with at least 500GB free space (we recommend 2TB on mainnet)

Pos Documentation

3) PoW Miners

For PoW Miners, we recognize the valuable contribution of computational power that underpins the generation of ZKP for ZKRollups. To this end, we are implementing CPU Mining in the initial phase of our pre-alpha testnet, with plans to introduce GPU Mining in subsequent phases. This phased approach underscores our commitment to performance optimization and security enhancement across the Opside network.

It should be noted that PoW CPU Mining will only start public testing about two weeks after the launch of the Pre-alpha testnet. Specifics will be based on official announcements.

PoW Documentation

4) Developers

Developers are warmly invited to exploit our ZKRollup launchpad to establish their own ZKRollup swiftly and seamlessly. Our EVM-compatible network paves the way for rapid deployment and cost-free migration of all decentralized applications developed in Solidity.

In due course, we are planning to gather, rank, and display the data associated with each ZKRollup existing within our ecosystem. This comprehensive overview will provide valuable insights into the performance and relevance of each component, creating a more transparent and knowledge-driven environment for all participants. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of rewarding success and stimulating healthy competition. Therefore, projects that secure top positions in our popularity rankings will be duly acknowledged with substantial reward points. These rewards not only provide an incentive for innovation and dedication but also create a positive feedback loop that encourages continued growth and improvement within our ecosystem.

Developer Documentation

Official Opside Developer Grants


  • 1. Please note that the Testnet IDE tokens are for testing purposes only and do not have any associated monetary value.
  • 2. Opside will ensure the smooth accessibility of testnet tokens via a Discord-based faucet, targeting various roles in the ecosystem.
  • 3. For a seamless user experience, we have curated a detailed guide: Access
  • 4. The final interpretation of the pre-alpha testnet belongs to Opside.

Surf the Tide

As we continue to fine-tune Opside during and beyond the pre-alpha phase, we remain steadfastly committed to delivering a product that meets the needs and expectations of our users. As part of this process, we will regularly communicate updates and solicit feedback. We encourage you to stay tuned, participate actively, and help shape the future of Opside!



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