Owlto Finance: The Fastest Choice Helps You Bridge to Alpha in The Coming Bull Run

After the recent Bitcoin halving happened in Apr, the bullish market of Web3 begun to emerge. The industry has already experienced various heat topics and trends since the inception of this bull run, such as the latest meme frenzy, as well as the mania of BRC-20 and Runes. However, amidst this dynamic landscape, blockchain interoperability remains a significant challenge due to the growing diversity of chains. Connecting the fragmented blockchains has become increasingly important. Owlto Finance addresses this challenge by providing seamless asset transfers between different blockchains, with fast speed as an advantage. Beside fast bridging, it supports rapid integrations with new networks and establishment of useful tools, while exhibiting fast community development and growth. Owlto wins on speed, making it the ideal choice for bridging to various opportunities during the upcoming bull run. Say farewell to the anxiety of missing out, check the following 3 points for more details about Owlto speed, and bridge to Alpha via Owlto.

The Lightning-Fast Omnichain Transaction

Owlto Finance stands out in providing high bridging speed cross chains. Past data shows that over 90% of cross-chain transactions are completed within 30 seconds. This remarkable speed is achieved as the bridging transfers between networks are directly confirmed on their own blocks, without the confirmation from the mainnet. The bridging time is determined by the confirmation time of the involved networks, leading to faster transaction speeds and lower fees while maintaining strong security. In comparison, competitors like Rhino.fi, Celer cBridge, and Stargate by Layer Zero Labs, take several minutes to transfer assets across chains. Star projects like Polyhedra (Figure 1) take around 5 minutes, while Wormhole (Figure 2) takes more than 10 minutes to transfer. Owlto Finance’s speed advantage not only enhances user experience but also provides numerous benefits to users who want to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities in the fast-paced Web3 world. It enables users to take advantage of favorable market conditions, such as exploiting arbitrage opportunities or participating in time-limited token sales. For example, meme coin BOME (Figure 3) on Solana experienced a 20-fold increase within 3 hours and a more than 100-fold increase within 3 days. If users need to bridge their assets to Solana quickly to buy these meme coins, fast cross-chain transactions become crucial. It allows users to purchase these tokens at the earliest opportunity and benefit from their price appreciation, generating profits.

Polyhedra needs 5 mins for bridging (Screenshot on Polyhedra Website)
Wormhole needs 15 mins for bridging (Screenshot on Wormhole Website)
BOME’s price on dexscreener.com

The Promptest Network and Function Integration

Owlto Finance responds fast to deploy on networks, providing bridging services, while supporting new tools that meet users’ demands quickly, such as Deploy and L2 tracker (Figure 4). Whether it’s new chains, popular chains, or other ecosystems such as BTC and Solana, Owlto can quickly deploy to meet users’ requirements. For instance, Owlto was the first third-party bridge deployed on Base, X layer, and Blast, which are all popular networks. Currently, Owlto has already supported 38 networks, including 6 promising networks within BTC ecosystem, while Polyhedra only supports 20 networks and 29 networks for Wormhole. With the fast deploying speed, Owlto provides users with broader access to dApps, DeFi platforms, and other Web3 services. Faster bridging facilitates seamless asset transfers and enable users to participate in various projects for more options and opportunities. Owlto has achieved this capability and will continue to keep the momentum going.

Functional tools on Owlto Finance (Screenshot on Owlto Finance website)

The Fastest-Growing Bridge

As the number of Web3 networks continues to increase, they face challenges in intercommunication, and the demand for cross-chain solutions has grown. This has led to the emergence of various cross-chain products, making the cross-chain bridging market highly competitive. Owlto, founded for only one year, launched its mainnet in June 2023 and has experienced rapid development and growth, becoming one of the top bridges in the Web3 world. Today, it has attracted users from over 200 countries and regions, with a total address count exceeding 1.5 million. Furthermore, Owlto has achieved 1.5 million BTC ecosystem bridging transactions, ranking as the No.1 omnichain interoperability protocol. As a reliable partner for Linea, Owlto has also been recognized as one of the fastest-growing bridges in 2023, recommended by Linea. In comparison, some early-established or highly valued projects do not exhibit such a vibrant scene within their communities. For example, Rhino.fi has been operating since 2020, only have 1 million users, while Wormhole, with a FDV over $5 billion, has only 100,000 users. Projects like Hop protocol and LayerSwap have been surpassed as well. These factors indicate that Owlto has outperformed its competitors in the intensive market. Its rapid growth and success demonstrate that it has gained recognition and trust within the market. Owlto’s popularity and acceptance among the community thrive, as it aims to deliver the best experience for users with diverse demands and services.

About Owlto Finance

Owlto Finance is an intent-centric interoperability protocol, “Bridge the World with AI Agent”. Owlto’s bridge product has emerged as one of the fastest-growing bridges in 2023, with 1.5M+ users in 200+ countries/regions. Additionally, it has been ranked as the No.1 omnichain interoperability protocol in BTC ecosystem. Due to features of “Safe, Fast, Low-priced and Easy-to-use”, it has been highly recommended by over 78 well-known partners like Arbitrum, Linea, Base, BEVM, BSquared, Binance Web3 Wallet, Trust Wallet, OKX Web3 Wallet, zkSync Era, Scroll, X Layer, Starknet, Manta, Mantle, Kroma, Token Pocket, Galxe, imToken, Bitget Wallet, SyncSwap, Element, Chainlink, iZUMi, etc.