PEPE has passed, BRC20 has been cut in half, what else can the bear market play?

Bitcoin continues to fluctuate recently, and the future trend will either rise or fall. Everyone knows, but it is too difficult.

Some time ago, after MEME and BRC20 became popular, it has quieted down again these days; BTCNFT seems to have not yet become FOMO, probably because gas is too expensive.

PEPE fell from a high of 0.000004 to 0.0000015, and ORDI fell by $9 from a high of $24, a drop of more than 60%. Those who sold at high prices were all winners, and the receivers were crying secretly again.

From time to time, some people in the group shout about various new MEMEs, but they can no longer shout, and the liquidity is gone. Those who got the last wave of opportunities can lie down for a while; players who are tossing with FOMO emotions, tossing their principal Lost.

Sometimes I can’t keep up with the hot spots. Although I didn’t make a profit, I also protected the principal, and the hot spots came and went.

Will PEPE be popularity again?

In 2023, which is defined by most people as a bear market, 519 will not reappear. In fact, 312 and 94 will not reappear either.

It’s just an ordinary day with a particularly large drop, which left a deep impression (hurt) on most people, so it’s called a memorial day.

From the perspective of cryptocurrency prices, the daily fluctuations are not large.

If you look at the data, Bitcoin has risen by 75% from its historical low of 15,476 at the end of November last year to 27,000 now; or it has risen by 39% from 19,500 in mid-March to now.

Before you know it, someone gets left behind, or misses out on a new opportunity. There is no unified gameplay in the market, and copying is likely to fail.

Bitcoin daily trend

The ups and downs are unclear, and some people open contracts to make a small profit if they open in the right direction; if they open in the wrong direction, they are returned to zero.

Chasing hot spots, some people make money and some people lose a lot. After all, liquidity is limited. If a certain wallet is bulging, the receiving wallet will be empty. Use the balance you can afford to win the biggest opportunity, and most of the hot spots will return to zero, unless the first person to enter the market, most people will be caught.

Players who play airdrops continue to interact, and the cost of interaction is also increasing day by day.

Users who focus on interaction must also face the recent high price of gas, and also steal time to increase on-chain interaction when there are few people, leaving records.

Some players concluded that the four must-have projects zkSync, Layerzero, Starknet, and Lens have higher airdrop expectations.

zkSync is very popular in the L2 track

The cost of interaction between ZK and L0 increases, and an account may have to prepare tens or hundreds of dollars in gas fees, and there is no income and feedback in a short period of time, which is the most difficult thing to persist.

Starknet is also a popular project. At present, the mainnet is launched. From time to time, ArgentX mints an NFT for interaction. The starknet domain name is several times more expensive than ETH, but all operations are to leave traces of interaction.

Since Lens set the gas fee for most people to post, like, and interact, the daily post volume has dropped from 47k in early March to 5,000 recently, and the number of active and interactive volumes has dropped significantly.

The floor price of Lens NFT also rose from $300 to nearly $200.

Doing interactions is fraught with uncertainty.

But if you really want to gain something in the next airdrop season, for example, follow the four heavenly kings, continue to interact, and wait for one day to blossom and bear fruit.

5,000 posts on LENS social day

I communicated with a friend who plays fixed bets. He started to make regular bets on BTC and ETH in this round of decline. Currently, he has accumulated more than 100 ETH and several BTCs.

Now I know which way of playing is better, but it is better than losing millions by playing contracts. After all, if the contract is zeroed, there will be nothing. If BTC and ETH fall, there is always a chance to get back up, right?

From a recent perspective, for example, BTC was bought at 17,000, and it is now 27,000, which has also increased by half.

You don’t know the future ups and downs when you buy, and you don’t have to worry about buying. Although you don’t earn as much as meme, you don’t lose money anyway; you may just have to wait for the next bull market.

From a distance, 10 years ago in 2013, the price of BTC rose from $13 at the beginning of the year to a high of 1154, an increase of 88 times, but most people did not have such good luck and courage, and they were not too sure.

Fixed investment may also return to zero, and if it does not return to zero, it will only increase slowly, so most people can’t wait.

BTC trend in 2013

There is no unified gameplay in the encryption market, so don’t envy others, and don’t worry, because it won’t help;

Only by finding a way that suits you to participate in depth and leave traces of operation can you reap the results.

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I’m Chuxiaolian, and I’m paying attention to Metaverse and web3.



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