Quaere, the Web3 AI Companion with an astrological twist, Loot Box Officially Launched

Supported by Foresight Ventures, Quaere is the first Web3 platform themed around astrology. The latest release of Loot Box has officially landed on the official website. It is revealed that Loot Box is closely tied to the decentralized rights of future users in the Quaere ecosystem. Quaere promises to unlock more detailed information as soon as possible, allowing users to have a more comprehensive understanding and immerse themselves in this exciting digital journey. Earlier, Quaere announced the launch of the Beta phase, the invitation code stage, providing users with a unique opportunity to deeply engage in the Quaere ecosystem.

For the exchange of a Loot Box, a consumption of 1999 STAR Points is required —— STAR Points and STAR Soul serve as the centralized assets of Quaere. STAR Points (referred to as pts) are utilized for functional transactions within Quaere, while the roles of STAR Soul Pieces and STAR Soul will unfold in upcoming features.

In previous releases, Quaere introduced 777 Quaere Genesis Pass NFTs specifically for early community contributors. Following this, the Quaere product successfully launched on the App Store, exclusively for early community contributors holding the Quaere Genesis Pass NFT whitelist for staking experiences. With the Beta phase starting, early Diamond and Platinum membership levels can generate the Genesis Code, promoting invitees to the Gold membership level. Gold members then get a chance to generate the Starlight Code, inviting more users to explore Quaere.

During the invitation phase, users activating their membership levels in the Quaere app will enjoy limited-time Quaere membership benefits, including exclusive platform privileges and the opportunity to rapidly accumulate Star Points. Simultaneously, the inviter will receive platform commissions based on the invitee’s actions.

Furthermore, Quaere provides various avenues for obtaining exclusive invitation codes, including community and official channels. This approach encourages user engagement in community activities, code sharing, and contributes to ongoing platform community development. Quaere introduces a pioneering digital experience, inviting users to immerse themselves in the ecosystem against an astrological backdrop.

Download App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/quaere-spiritual-area/id1672613797

Exclusive code: QPC-EKBCQC