QuickSwap Partners with BitKeep, Now Integrated and Supporting BitKeep Extension Wallet

Web3 multi-chain wallet BitKeep has formed a strategic partnership with QuickSwap, the top-ranked DEX in the Polygon ecosystem. QuickSwap has successfully integrated and now supports BitKeep’s Chrome extension wallet. BitKeepers can now seamlessly access QuickSwap through the browser extension, enabling them to engage in trading, liquidity staking, and other activities. Previously, BitKeep had already integrated QuickSwap’s Swap trading feature into its mobile and extension wallet, offering users access to a wider range of assets and optimal prices.

BitKeep Swap supports 20+ public chains and has opened cross-chain transactions among 17 public chains. Through its innovative “Instant Gas” service, users can complete cross-chain transactions without holding native Gas tokens. In addition to flash swaps at market prices, BitKeep Swap has introduced a new feature this year, allowing users to place limit orders.