Shanghai Establishes Blockchain Innovation and Development Expert Committee

As stated in the Shanghai City Promotion of Urban Blockchain Digital Infrastructure System Project Implementation Plan (2023-2025) (A Development Strategy released by Shanghai’s Municipal Economy and Informatization Commission), a Blockchain Innovation and Development Expert Committee has been established in Shanghai. The Committee aims to timely track and analyze domestic and international blockchain development trends and provide robust decision-making support.

Moreover, the plan emphasizes strengthening support from various specialized funds, encouraging market entities to build industry-level benchmark applications based on the Pujiang Digital Chain infrastructure. The goal is to attract leading enterprises and industry nodes to settle in Shanghai, fostering the blockchain innovation development ecosystem.

It also supports enterprises using domestic blockchain computing platforms and independent underlying technical systems for chain integration and application. The city will focus on studying efficient supervision of blockchain, ensuring healthy development of the industrial ecosystem. Enhancing blockchain development safety monitoring, early warning, and risk assessment, and managing service launch records and compliance supervision are also key aspects.

Furthermore, a system related to Pujiang Digital Chain’s network security, data security management, and technical support will be established. Regular evaluations of the construction effects of major application scenarios will be conducted to effectively solve safety issues encountered during scene construction.