Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization: Advancing the Construction and Digital Transformation of the Pujiang Digital Chain City System

The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization has released the “Implementation Plan for Advancing the City’s Blockchain Digital Infrastructure System Project in Shanghai (2023-2025)”. To systematically promote the construction of the Pujiang digital chain city blockchain digital infrastructure system in Shanghai, strengthen the application of blockchain in the real economy, public services, and city governance, and serve the strategic goal of Shanghai’s city digital transformation, this implementation plan has been formulated according to the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Comprehensive Advancement of City Digital Transformation in Shanghai” and the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Digital Economy Development in Shanghai”.

The main goal of the plan is that by 2025, the “1+1+1+X” digital infrastructure system of Pujiang Digital Chain will be fully built, providing rapid blockchain integration and cross-chain deployment capabilities, and strongly supporting the city’s government affairs, public services, and industry applications, driving the formation of a number of industry-level, city-level demonstration scenarios. Breakthroughs in the core technology of blockchain and the construction of standard systems will be achieved, driving the formation of an innovative and dynamic industrial ecology, and fostering a number of leading and innovative enterprises with industry influence. The plan aims to promote the synergy of blockchain network resources in the Yangtze River Delta, build international blockchain exchange hub links, provide basic support for the comprehensive advancement of city digital transformation, and form a development pattern of internal and external connectivity and multi-win.

The overall implementation framework of the Pujiang Digital Chain Project is “1+1+1+X”, which is 1 computing power platform facility, 1 public basic service platform, 1 government blockchain application system, and X benchmark scenario applications. Through market-leading and industry-academia-research-application cooperation, an innovative, ecological and active city-level blockchain infrastructure service system will be built.

The “Implementation Plan” proposes to strengthen the layout of frontier technology research. Focusing on the international frontier development trend of blockchain technology, it encourages universities, research institutes, industry organizations, leading enterprises, etc. to carry out relevant research, form independent innovation technical achievements in blockchain technology access, heterogeneous cross-chain, security protection, privacy computing, anti-quantum cryptography, homomorphic encryption and other fields; accelerate the attack on key core technologies; promote the improvement of intelligent computing capabilities; and build a number of new research institutions.