Share the Method of Earning 14 ETH in 2 days

Recently, the encryption market has been deserted, but those who should play continue to play, and new projects have been launched.

For example, although the NFT market has always had little liquidity, new NFTs are minted every day.

You can see real-time gas burning data on cointool. Sometimes a project is hotly minted and launched, causing the gas to rise for a while;

On the opensea daily hot list, you can also see the popular NFT of the day, most of which are short-lived.

opensea real-time hot list

I noticed that RINGER PUNKS NFT was minted and launched on June 18. The mint price is 0.0024ETH, and 5555 pieces were issued.

At present, a total of 13 ETHs have been traded, and the current floor price is 0.0019, which is broken.

According to the initial casting of 5555, 5555*0.0024ETH, the project launch harvests 13.3 ETH; plus 5% of the creator’s income, 13*0.05, which is 0.65EHT.

The cumulative income exceeds 14 ETH, exceeding 24k US dollars.

The official Twitter has more than 500 fans, just registered in June, and only posted 62 tweets, the first tweet was posted on June 18. The second tweet was updated 19 hours after the launch, and 71 tweets have been tweeted so far.


After the NFT casting went online, the transaction price in the secondary market dropped from 0.0035ETH at the beginning to 0.001ETH, and now it is 0.0019ETH.

The project party does not make a market, the secondary market is flat, and there is no post-planning and roadmap. Judging from the recent tweets, it is going to airdrop tokens to holders, I don’t know how valuable it is.

These simple NFTs of jpg pictures are all made by AI. They are just a wave of popularity and there is no follow-up. Just launch a picture to earn ETH, and the project is over.

Players who participate in casting and receiving orders in the secondary market can only be “soldered to death”, and the project party may already be preparing to issue a second NFT.

Various AI-generated image NFTs

Also noticed Bored Ringers, another opensea hot list new project.

On June 20, 0.0069ETH was minted and launched, and a total of 3,949 were issued; calculated according to the mint price, the cumulative income of the launch was 27 ETH.

The current trading volume is 31ETH, the floor price is 0.015ETH, plus 4.2% of the creator’s income, and the royalty income is 1.3ETH.

From Twitter, Bored Ringers also did some marketing, found many KOLs and KOCs to tweet, and warmed up before going online.

Bored Ringers NFT

The official Twitter has more than 1,700 fans. It was registered in June 2023, and the first tweet was released on June 17.

The project has no official website, and there are no future plans and expectations. People who go to casting and secondary market to pick up orders are trapped again.

But from the perspective of the project, the income of 27ETH is more than 48,000 US dollars. After deducting a small amount of marketing expenses, it is quite easy to earn more than 20 ETH in 3 days.

AI improves creative efficiency

Thinking about the NFT project I participated in before, it is also a similar gameplay. If you buy it,it will return to zero; but you are still imagining a 10-fold chance, and you are really stuck in the routine.

Retail investors participate in various counterfeit projects, thinking that if it succeeds, it will be 10 times;

But for the project side, releasing one project, and copying and releasing 10 projects, as long as someone fomo follows up, it is a steady profit.

From operating Twitter, to making fans and popularity, posting whitelists, finding KOLs and KOCs to promote, casting and launching, and returning to zero after the end, and then launching the second project. The operation is easy and familiar, and it is quick and quick, without muddling.

Grasping a lot of these projects is already an assembly line operation; retail investors have no choice but to be cannon fodder.

A 0.0069 is not much, and 100 is not a lot; a player is not a lot; 1000 players is not a lot.

What the project earns is the launch of the minted ETH, there is no follow-up after the launch, and the second project is launched;

However, individual players wanted to gamble on an unknown opportunity, and tried new projects continuously, but the result was that 10 times the expected amount did not appear, and the principal lost a lot.

Although one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer, you still have to keep your eyes open, and don’t be fooled by routines and lose in vain.

Mass-produced various small picture NFTs

There are indeed many opportunities in the encryption market. Most people can only see what they want to see, and what they see is not necessarily the real opportunity; those that cover a certain degree of difficulty may have great potential.

Posted a garbage project, earning 14 ETH in 2 days, although not much but not too much, every launch is to create garbage, which is harmful to the encryption industry;

But the blockchain is growing wildly, and there are more than one or two junk projects. What we can do is to improve our judgment and avoid falling into the pit.

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I am Chuxiaolian, and I am following the web3 and encryption world.​​



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