Solana Foundation and BitKeep to Launch Joint Campaign and Promote Ecosystem Growth

Multi-chain wallet BitKeep will be cooperating with the Solana Foundation to support the growth of the Solana ecosystem. BitKeep Wallet is also listed on the official Solana ecosystem home page. BitKeep had also previously formed significant integrations with the Solana mainnet, providing users with secure and convenient asset management services. Users can store, transfer, conduct single-chain and cross-chain transactions on the Solana network, and interact with popular DApps seamlessly using their BitKeep Wallet. Additionally, BitKeep plans to support the Solana ecosystem in various other aspects by integrating more DApps.

BitKeep will soon be launching the “Solana Epic Airdrop Journey” event, offering a reward pool of 10,000 USDC and exclusive Solana NFTs as a gesture of appreciation to the community. BitKeep has also expressed its intention to continue supporting the Solana Foundation to co-build and promote the Solana Web3 ecosystem through various cooperations and airdrop campaigns in the future.