Someone got $200 from CYBER airdrop, someone sold 12 BTC for $120,000

CyberConnect released an airdrop, and I received 45 CYBER, which is a little reward for doing CC interaction some time ago.

On August 15th, CBYER was launched on BN. The online price was 1.44 US dollars, which once rose to 17.9 US dollars. The current price is 4.9.

When CyberConnect announced the airdrop at the beginning of the month, there were a lot of discussions on Twitter, and it was predicted that the price of CBYER might stabilize at $10; it seems that the prediction is not accurate. On the one hand, it confirms that the market trading sentiment is not good, and on the other hand, it also confirms that many people are not crazy about CyberConnect. Prediction.

CYBER price trend

Judging from the CyberConnect airdrop announcement on August 4, CC blind box airdrop holders have the highest weight, followed by shards and mini shards, W3ST medals, and holders of CyberProfile early adopters NFT and minted CC short-digit domain names also have higher weights.

Sure enough, the earlier the participation time, the more funds invested, the greater the airdrop income. I registered chuxiaolian.Cyber and spent 0.01ETH.

Simply spending energy to listen to AMA to gain W3ST’s zero-roll method, the weight is relatively low, and the number of CYBERs obtained is small; while doing project interaction tasks, collecting points, and participating in the mini fragment lottery by consuming points, the income is relatively high, because it is similar to the officially recommended projects. More in-depth interaction.

At present, the CyberConnect airdrop has not gone out of the circle, only a small number of people who have interacted with it have participated, and the price trend of CYBER is not beautiful enough.

The airdrop income is not high, and the number of CYBERs generally obtained is small. Many gamers have complaints about the way the CyberConnect project continues tasks, and few people organize CC interactive tutorials.

CC’s various W3ST medals

During this period of time, the market’s enthusiasm for Layer Zero, zkSync, and Starknet interaction has declined, and players who specialize in interaction continue to increase the interaction TAX; new players who want to do a few interactions to get airdrops basically give up.

The interaction cycle of these projects is too long. Although there are marketing smoke bombs that “project snapshots will be airdropped” from time to time, but the cycle is too long, only dedicated airdrop players will be precipitated. They have funds, manpower, perseverance, and Sufficient cost input, waiting for the game result.

For individual interactive players, persistence is too difficult.

Starknet ecological project

I did an optimistic task in shapeshift some time ago, requiring the gitcoinpassport account score to be greater than 17 points, and only invest a small amount of gas.

Compared with the second round of OP airdrops in early 2023, it is much easier to do 10 project interactions, spend more than a dozen dollars in gas, and only get 3.5 OPs. In the past two days, I found that I can receive 9 OPs, which is about 13 dollars, enough to buy 2 cups of Starbucks.

If you don’t have so much time to wait for the interaction cycle, you can also pay attention to some small projects. The income is very small, but you have gained methods and accumulated funds from the interaction. Through these methods, you have gradually built up airdrop confidence and experienced the entire airdrop process and gameplay. .

Now there are also many dedicated interactive players, who only focus on investing and interacting with certain large projects, and do not waste time and energy on small projects. Once the airdrops of large projects are issued, they may achieve overnight wealth.

Explore these web3 projects based on your own capital and time costs.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is no absolute good or bad, and only by participating in it can there be a chance.

A player’s optimistic task airdrop income

A few days ago, I saw a player’s emotion. In 2019, I cashed out 12 BTC and pooled more than 900,000 yuan to buy a house. I was happy and uncomfortable after getting the real estate certificate recently.

In October 2019, the price of BTC was around 10k USD, and then started a rising mode, and it will rise to 69k USD in 2021.

In 2019, domestic housing prices were at a high point, and the real estate market across the country was very hot, almost reaching the highest point in history, and then began to decline; by 2023, most urban rooms will drop by more than 30%, and there are prices but no market, and they cannot be sold. , the liquidity is lower than BTC.

This friend endured the short sale of BTC and the quilt of the house price, which is really a double loss. I am really emotional when I get the red book today.

BTC price less than $10k in 2019

Now it is impossible to know which method is the best, and no one can predict the future. We can only grasp the present, do what we can do well, and leave the rest to time.



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