Space Nation Debuts Gameplay and Describes Expansive Transmedia IP from Roland Emmerich

During the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, fans got to hear from co-creators Jerome Wu and Roland Emmerich about the IP at the core of the upcoming MMORPG and future projects

Space Nation co-founders Jerome Wu and Roland Emmerich speak onstage with panel moderator and reporter Rachel Wolfson on March 19, 2024 in San Francisco, California.

Space Nation Inc., the pioneering transmedia entertainment company behind the upcoming Space Nation Online MMORPG, met with fans and gaming industry executives last week during the Game Developers Conference to provide more details on the transmedia IP at the core of Space Nation. Co-founders Jerome Wu, who launched World of Warcraft in China, and Roland Emmerich, the acclaimed Hollywood filmmaker behind Independence Day, hosted a fireside chat to speak at length about how they built the space opera universe that will support the upcoming video game launch in 2024 and future film and TV projects that Emmerich will direct.

Space Nation represents an exciting new chapter for me, and I’m excited to finally share more of it with the world,” Space Nation Inc. co-founder Roland Emmerich said. “As we work towards producing the television and animated projects, I look forward to hearing what fans enjoy about the project and joining them in exploring this new star system.”

Emmerich and Wu shared first details of the project’s story, which is set in a distant group of stars called the Telikos Cluster. Here, descendants of the human race known as Parousians are working to find a new home for humanity after it was chased away from earth by an invading force. Over the course of the story, the Parousians will encounter several factions including the militaristic Phoenix Brotherhood, the scientific Oikos Research Affairs Office, the outcast Shepards, and the deceptively complex Interstellar Ghosts. This story will begin this year in the free-to-play MMO starting and continue with a TV series and animated shorts in the future.

“It was great getting to see fans’ reaction to our work so far, and hear what they’re looking forward to,” Space Nation Inc. CEO and co-founder Jerome Wu said. “This was one of the first times we’ve put the game in people’s hands, and we’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. We’re making great progress and are on track to release Space Nation Online before the end of the year.”

On April 1st, select players will be able to try Space Nation Online in a closed beta period that will be used to test functionality of the game and servers. The game will launch publicly this summer in early access, with a full release before the end of 2024 for both PC and mobile platforms. These versions of the game will be identical, and Space Nation Online will be available for free without a subscription.

Fans can now learn more about Space Nation by viewing:

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