Successful Conclusion of Alpha Alchemy Demo Day: Overview of Selected Projects

The Alpha Alchemy Demo Day, co-hosted by Hong Kong Cyberport and Foresight X, has concluded successfully. The event featured representatives from nearly 20 renowned institutions such as HashKey Capital, Arcane Group, and Fidelity Investments, who participated in the judging panel for this Demo Day. The targeted invitation extended to 11 Web3 startup teams, aiming to select three outstanding project teams to have a fast-track interview opportunity to Cyberport Incubation Programme and if successfully admitted, can receive up to HK$1,100,000 in financial support and free office space, together with mentorship and other entrepreneurial support.

In the end, three projects stood out in the evaluation and successfully secured a spot in the accelerator program. They are StakeStone, OpenEden, and Quaere. Cyberport is committed to providing valuable opportunities for these startups and assisting these outstanding projects in becoming the unicorns of the next Web3 market.

Here is an overview of the selected projects from this Demo Day:


StakeStone is an omnichain LST liquidity distribution network. StakeStone is dedicated to building a new liquidity asset called STONE, which offers higher capital efficiency and cross-chain compatibility. By integrating a portfolio of blue-chip assets, STONE provides optimized staking yields for both stakers and protocols in a one-stop shop. Moreover, STONE’s cross-chain interoperability makes it an ideal underlying asset for protocols across multiple chains, and the growing use cases for STONE on various chains offer STONE users an additional layer of yield. Leveraging STONE as a new liquidity asset and the omnichain distribution system, StakeStone is paving the way for the liquidity distribution infrastructure of the next generation.

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OpenEden $TBILL – First Tokenized RWA Vault to bring U.S. Treasury Yields on-chain.

-> Digital TBILL tokens backed by short-term Treasury Bills ~5.35% APY with no lock-up

-> Token issuer is regulated fund in BVI, underlying T-Bills mananged by Singapore regulated Investment Manager

-> Underlying pool of T-Bills custody by qualified custodian

-> No fees on investors until further notice

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Discover the first Web3 destination where AI companionship meets astrology-driven socializing. Our innovative platform caters to both traditional and blockchain-savvy users, merging the realms of AI, Web3, and the stars. With the advanced Quaere AI astrologer, our platform offers: – Tailored Horoscopes: Unlock daily insights into your personal astrology, financial forecasts, and love compatibility. – AI Tarot Consultations: Find emotional guidance and inspiration for Web3 trading with our digital Tarot reader. – Constant AI Friend: Connect with a cosmic companion anytime for support and comfort.

Participate and earn unique NFTs and Star Points, with Proof of Wisdom (POW) rewards enhancing your AI interactions and ensuring authentic ownership. Backed by Foresight Ventures, Quaere stands as a pioneering space for astrology aficionados to delve into and engage with their cosmic passions.

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