Web3 incubator AFFLUX has selected 30 startups out of nearly 100 projects from North America that represent the future trends of Web3. The focus is on the WEB3 specialized roadshow, aimed at giving global Web3 professionals a deep understanding of new business and investment opportunities in North America while strengthening AFFLUX’s incubation ecosystem and communication with investment institutions, providing more momentum and support for the development of Web3. The participating projects cover multiple tracks, including infrastructure, DeFi, GameFi, public chains, and more. Ultimately, five teams emerged as winners. The total traffic for this event was nearly 330,000, and the on-site atmosphere was very lively. After the event, AFFLUX facilitated nearly 100 preliminary project FA connections, including venture capital institutions from North America and many well-known Web3 investment institutions.

Since its inception, AFFLUX has been dedicated to building an integrated, full-cycle post-investment management service, actively helping entrepreneurs at different stages to address their needs. The North America Demo Day held on Apr 27th, as an important component of AFFLUX’s incubation ecosystem’s comprehensive post-investment services, received unanimous praise from attendees and viewers for its high-quality projects, efficient connection process, and informative presentations.

The event brought together investors from several top Web3 institutions, including  Onepiece Labs,Avalanche Labs,Draper Dragon and Redline DAO, to provide guidance and support to the participating projects. Out of nearly 100 teams that applied, 30 were selected to take part in the Demo Day, with 5 teams ultimately being chosen as winners: MUFEXUnchained MusicLayerTwo LabsFunctionlandSeQure. These teams will now receive VIP services provided by Afflux and gain access to additional privileges within the Afflux incubation ecosystem. Once again, we offer our sincerest congratulations to all the winners.

For instance, time-limited free cloud services from AWS and Blockiot, contract code auditing services from Metatrust and Beosin, payment building services from SaaSGo, and deep launchpad and market services from OKX, among others. We would like to once again extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners.

We have successfully facilitated connections between the 30 projects and their respective venture capital firms, and business collaborations between the projects have already commenced.

Below are some examples of financial advisors and business partnerships involved(others are confidential).

Afflux extends its sincere gratitude to all of its partners for their invaluable support. We would also like to invite everyone to visit the Afflux website to view comprehensive details on all projects showcased during the Demo Day.

Should you express interest in any of the featured projects and wish to explore possibilities for collaboration, such as funding or event partnerships, we encourage you to visit our website or check out the Demo Day recap on YouTube.;YouTube:

If you are a Web3 entrepreneur with a promising idea but currently lack resources, such as funding, technology, or a team, please feel free to contact us. We provide full life-cycle Web3 product customization services and would be happy to help you launch your project on the Afflux platform.

If you have any collaborative ideas for Afflux Demo Day, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Going forward, Afflux remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting startup success with patience, wisdom, and unparalleled resources, fostering growth and innovation within our thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Afflux is a Web3 incubator headquartered in Singapore with branches in Europe and North America. Afflux was initiated by encrypted VCs, entrepreneurs, American university professors, etc. Currently, there are more than 300 blockchain projects, more than 100 VCs, and 15,000+ community members in the Afflux ecosystem.

Afflux means never-ending flow. We empower more early projects through active resource flow and customized services throughout the life cycle, and support project development with a diverse and extensive resource network. We will provide our customers with all the resources we can.