SUIBG Achieves Over 130K Daily On-Chain Transactions

According to data from Dune on March 21st, the daily interaction volume of the SUIBG futures token’s on-chain red envelope contract address, jointly launched by BitKeep and Bitget, exceeded 70,000. The daily interaction volume of new user wallet addresses and token contract addresses also exceeded 60,000, ranking among the top two on the “Polygon New User Project Preference Hot List”.
According to official data from BitKeep, SUIBG is issued on the mainstream Layer2 chain Polygon to reduce user interaction costs as the Sui Network has not yet launched its mainnet. In the future, users who meet the airdrop exchange conditions need only to follow the specified process to receive SUI on the Sui mainnet.
As previously reported, the SUIBG airdrop campaign, jointly initiated by BitKeep and Bitget, went live on March 17th and will last for one month. Users can participate in activities such as red envelope airdrops and trading rewards on BitKeep Wallet, or participate in the SUIBG carnival on the Bitget trading platform to receive SUIBG airdrops.