Sui’s Co-Founder Rejects Airdrop Rumors But Indicates BitKeep’s SUIBG As The Only Chance For Early SUI Airdrops

On April 10th, Adeniyi Abiodun, the founder of Mysten Labs, the development team behind Sui, responded to user questions on Twitter and explicitly stated that there are no plans for a Sui airdrop in the future. However, early Sui token holders can still participate in the $SUIBG futures airdrop launched by BitKeep to obtain benefits.

$SUIBG (SUI Futures Token) is a futures token jointly launched by Web3 multi-chain wallet BitKeep and cryptocurrency exchange Bitget, serving as the exchange certificate for the native token $SUI after the launch of the Sui Network mainnet in the future. Since its launch in mid-March, the $SUIBG airdrop campaign has been carried out on the BitKeep wallet and Bitget exchange platform, where users can participate in red packet airdrops, $ARBK user airdrops, trading mining, invite-a-friend activities on BitKeep, or join the $SUIBG carnival on Bitget to receive $SUIBG. Regarding the rules for future $SUI exchange, BitKeep states that only $SUIBG obtained through official channels mentioned above can be exchanged for $SUI, and $SUIBG obtained through other channels are not eligible for exchange.