The Era of Web3 “Rainmakers” Approaches: Overview of Foresight X’s Third Phase Selected Projects

The term “rainmakers” has long been used in the investment world, exemplified by Hillhouse Group’s facilitation of cooperation between industry giants like and Tencent, resulting in mutually beneficial collaborations. These entities have the power to alter the “weather” in different sectors, fostering new cross-domain transactions or collaborations, thereby sparking remarkable chemical reactions.

 Shifting the focus back to Web3, we observe an array of new narratives emerging since 2023, including AI, DePIN, and BTC L2, giving rise to collisions and intertwining between narratives such as AI+Crypto, DePIN+Crypto, and even DePIN+AI. This undoubtedly presents entrepreneurs with a new challenge of effectively narrating integration.

 However, for investment institutions, this poses a novel test. In the backdrop of closely intertwined narratives, the role of Web3 “rainmakers” becomes increasingly indispensable. However, it’s not a role for everyone, as it requires the creation of entirely new transaction and collaboration opportunities, necessitating comprehensive ecosystem support capabilities across the entire spectrum and all sectors.

Against this backdrop, the third phase of the Foresight X accelerator, which commenced on December 15, 2023, underwent a comprehensive upgrade and introduced new modules such as mentorship guidance, key partner recommendations, and graduation Demo Day. It also focused on areas such as AI Computing Power, AI Marketplace, Data, On-Chain ML Models, RGB, ORDI, Taproot Assets, BitVM, BTC Sidechains, BTCFi, Blockchain Games, Creator Economy, SocialFi, DID, ZK Applications, Tokenization of Real Assets, Privacy Tracks, and other Web3 domains.

6 Selected Projects:

After 2 months of recruitment and screening, the Foresight X accelerator received nearly 300 applications from around the globe for its third phase. Ultimately, 6 high-quality projects successfully passed the screening process and entered the third phase of the accelerator, covering multiple tracks including DePIN, AI, and BTC L2. Many of these projects integrate multiple narratives such as AI, DePIN, and others.

They will receive approximately $3 million in support funds from Foresight Ventures and Foresight X, as well as support in various aspects such as economic models, operations, marketing, technology, listing, legal affairs, company management, and talent development.

Introducing the selected projects for the third cohort of the Foresight X accelerator program:


XLink, a strategic spinoff from ALEX Lab, positioning itself as a critical Crypto Bridge within the Bitcoin Ecosystem. Our platform enables the smooth transfer of assets across Bitcoin, Bitcoin L2 such as Stacks, and EVM. As a gateway for users venturing into the Bitcoin space, XLink is dedicated to transforming the native DeFi experience. We’re actively forging partnerships and integrating with top-tier BTC Layer2s, aiming to enhance the liquidity and seamless asset transactions.



UniCross is a platform designed for the minting, trading, and launch of L1 assets on Bitcoin’s Layer 2. Users can mint a variety of multi-protocol assets such as BRC-20, Runes, BRC-420, and ARC20 on L2 via UniCross, with the added flexibility of using multiple blockchain assets for payments, including BTC, BRC-20s, and ETH.

UniCross has successfully launched on the Merlin Chain mainnet. This week, the platform is introducing its Launchpad feature and will join forces with Merlin Chain to launch a new L2 Rune solution, kicking off with the launch of the first-ever Runes token, $RUFI.

For more information and updates, follow UniCross on:




Apus Network

Apus Network is a decentralized AI Agents DePIN project that leverages blockchain technology, Web3, and DePIN computational resources to establish a transparent, secure, and incentive-compatible AI ecosystem. Governed by the community, developers contribute AI agents, and nodes offer computational power, all with the aim of providing trustworthy AI services to users. The overarching objective is to democratize AI, creating a scenario where all parties benefit mutually, resulting in a win-win situation.




Originating in California, CUDIS epitomizes the perfect fusion of AI, DePIN, wellness, and fashion. It aims to provide the masses with accessible and rewarding wellness tracking services backed by blockchain encryption, granting health data to their owners and allowing them to monetize through token rewards. Unlike its traditional competitors, namely Oura and Whoop, which charge $72-$360 annually, CUDIS has a minimal barrier of entry while allowing users to profit from the wellness ecosystem. In the next 12-18 months, CUDIS is going to deliver 1M+ wearable DePIN products to both web2 and web3 users.



Zest is creating a consumer-focused Web3-native brand with the goal of facilitating broader user participation in the Web3 movement through non-financial means. Their inaugural product, the Model323 sneaker, features a built-in Insol smart chip that tracks user exercise data. This data is then used in combination with tokenomics to reward users for their health data feedback, creating a lightweight fitness ecosystem. Zest’s long-term vision includes expanding their product line to encompass a range of sports products, fostering a community-centric brand with high user engagement.



Blade Games

Blade Games is an on-chain game studio and infrastructure provider, built around the WebAssembly and zkWASM tech stack. Games built with their zk game engine can run the game logic (c++, go, rust) inside the zkVM, and settle game results as ZKP on L2s in a modular way.




Min, Partner at Foresight X, said: Since its launch just over a year ago, Foresight X has firmly committed to its mission as a “Web3 Partner,” closely working with early-stage startups to navigate from the depths of the bear market into the thriving bull market. Our investment horizon spans a diverse array of cutting-edge domains, positioning ourselves early to adapt and evolve continuously, with the goal of securing victories in the fast-paced, ever-changing crypto battlefield. Incubation within the crypto space is both a meticulous and critical endeavor. Our support encompasses funding, media exposure, marketing strategies, product development, tokenomics, and ecosystem growth, among other areas. This level of deep and comprehensive backing is what sets us apart, offering a unique value proposition to early-stage web3 ventures. Congratulations to the teams selected for our third cohort; we are excited about the synergies and looking forward to collectively tackling the challenges and opportunities of this explosive bull market!

Amidst the clamor of the crypto narrative, the market’s perpetual demand for new narratives remains ever-present. The coupling of new narratives with Crypto and the interplay among new narratives themselves will likely signal the start of the game in 2024, following up on 2023’s emerging phase.

In this landscape, whether it’s AI+Crypto, DePIN+Crypto, or DePIN+AI, a cohort of projects showing remarkable growth and scalability, particularly within the AI+Crypto domain. Forest, Co-founder of Foresight Ventures, has publicly stated:

“AI+Crypto represents two of the most significant technological revolutions in human innovation. In the next bull market cycle, among the top 100 projects by market capitalization, there should be at least 10-15 AI-related targets.”

This poses a new challenge for Web3, especially for Web3 venture capital, on how to leverage end-to-end, cross-domain research and investment support capabilities. By providing traditional investment and financing support, achieving synergistic effects across different businesses, tracks, and projects, thus becoming the “rainmakers” of the Web3 world.

Looking ahead, the new variables introduced by venture capital in 2023 are stirring the waters, perhaps marking the commencement of a game-changing era when looking back in several years.

About Foresight X

Foresight X, as the accelerator arm of Foresight Ventures (AUM $400M), conducts 3-4 cohorts annually, providing each startup with $200,000 in funding and a comprehensive spectrum of acceleration services. We actively foster collaboration between projects and leading public chains, and we proudly support and sponsor global hacker houses and developer events. Moreover, we collaborate closely with Open Build, a thriving developer community in APAC, to provide valuable product development support.