The North American Demo Day, organized by AFFLUX and supported by nearly 70 top Web3 venture capital firms in the North American region, as well as over 20 Web3 media outlets, is set to kick off on April 27th at 5 pm Pacific Time. Twenty-nine projects from around the world have been selected to compete, and the next explosive Web3 project that will dominate the global market is about to emerge!

The Web3 industry represents a digital economy sector that is built on blockchain technology, and is rapidly transforming our lives and business models. As a global leader in this field, the United States has created a dynamic ecosystem that fosters innovation and encourages the development of emerging technologies, attracting significant attention from entrepreneurs and investors alike.

According to the “Introducing the 2022 State of Crypto Report ” by A16Z, the Web3 industry is currently undergoing a regular development cycle, with the value of digital assets being reevaluated, which is expected to generate increasing interest from market participants and lead to a surge in innovative Web3 projects. The potential applications of Web3 technology are vast, including decentralized finance, digital identity authentication, the Internet of Things, and gaming. As the industry continues to evolve, the United States’ leadership position offers both unique opportunities and challenges. Advancing Web3 innovation and development requires a concerted effort to cultivate and attract top talent, as well as to mobilize the necessary resources and infrastructure to sustain growth and ensure continued success in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

The Demo Day titled “The Future is Now: Web3 and the Decentralized Revolution” aims to provide a platform for industry experts, corporate representatives, investors, and technology enthusiasts to exchange ideas and cooperate on Web3 technology through in-depth analysis of the latest Web3 technologies.

Join our Demo Day in North America to learn about the latest achievements in the Web3 field and connect with top investors and entrepreneurs in the industry.

Demo Day will bring together nearly 70 top venture capital firms, 10 media outlets, and 29 early-stage Web3 projects in North America. The event is expected to reach millions of Web3 and Web2 users who are interested in the space. Today, AFFLUX has officially announced the list of selected projects for Demo Day, chosen from nearly 100 submitted projects across multiple categories including Web infrastructure, DeFi, social media, gaming, and public blockchains. The following is a list of 29 high-quality projects, listed in no particular order.

AFFLUX congratulates all projects selected to participate in the upcoming Demo Day and eagerly anticipates witnessing their exceptional performance at the event.

For those whose projects were not selected or who missed the application deadline, AFFLUX encourages them to stay informed about upcoming events. Throughout 2023, AFFLUX will be organizing various iterations of Demo Day and looks forward to future interactions with them. Additionally, project teams and investment institutions are warmly invited to contact AFFLUX to explore potential collaboration opportunities.

After the conclusion of the event, all relevant project information, including financing details, partner requirements, and a comprehensive review of Demo Day, will be made available on the official AFFLUX website. AFFLUX encourages all interested parties to remain vigilant and continue to monitor for further updates.



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