The “R3al World” Demo Day event was successfully held, exploring the future talents in AI + DePIN 

The “R3al World” Demo Day, which is jointly organized by Foresight X, Future Money Group, IoTeX and Web3Labs, was successfully held in Hong Kong. We make efforts to create innovation in the AI + DePIN area and promote the emergence of various innovative projects. 

At the event, authoritative experts and leaders in the Web3 industry conducted two rounds of themed panels on ” Future Trends in the DePIN Track from the VC Perspective.” The panel revolved around the motivations for participating in the DePIN field, untapped potential, challenges and opportunities faced by startup enterprises, key factors for success and future prospects, providing participants with in-depth analysis and interpretation of industry trends. Subsequently, nine participating project teams presented their demos, showcasing their unique innovative projects and undergoing rigorous and fair professional evaluation.

After fierce competition, three outstanding projects stood out and they will receive focused support from Foresight X, IoTeX, Future Money Group, and Web3Labs. We endeavored to stimulate innovation in the Web3 domain and promote the emergence of various novel and unique innovative projects. We also look forward to these outstanding projects continuing to demonstrate their innovative spirit in future development, making greater contributions to the advancement of the AI + DePIN area, bringing new vitality into Web3, and providing valuable references for other startup teams.

Award-winning project:


PowerPod is dedicated to accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy through cutting-edge blockchain technology. By advocating for fair access, we enable communities to actively participate in the transformation of the energy landscape.


Network3 builds an AI Layer2 helping AI developers worldwide train or validate models in scale quickly, conveniently, and efficiently.


DePHY is a re-staking system on Solana, which can be understood as Solana’s version of Eigenlayer, but with a greater focus on DePin. Additionally, DePHY is an all-in-one DePin development framework. With DePHY, you can quickly and easily build your DePin project. We provide security through Solana re-staking, open-source hardware design, middleware for connecting to Web3, and tokenomics.

We sincerely appreciate the support of partners such as AWS, Mindfulness Capital, and ArkStream Capital. They have contributed significantly to the alignment of resources for Web3 entrepreneurs, striving to promote the healthy and stable development of the Web3 domain by building an open, inclusive, and mutually beneficial ecosystem.

We extend our special thanks to the esteemed experts as our judges and we appreciate their rigorous and impartial selection of the outstanding teams among the participants.