Three major #Runes investment opportunities

Author: Ash

I. 0–9 Rune Number Opportunities:

0/ UNCOMMON•GOODS by @rodarmor

The runes can be inscribed over four years without a cap, similar to $sats in BRC-20, with a large total supply and the best narrative. Being the 0 rune, it is advised to participate when transaction fees drop lower, as the Bitcoin narrative will not only happen once.

1/ Z•Z•Z•Z•Z•FEHU•Z•Z•Z•Z•Z by @RuneFehu

Initially, everyone thought @FehuLayer was behind the rune due to a March tweet. The project is currently collecting addresses of ORDI, Runestone, and RSIC holders, with activities ending on April 30, but it is not the 1st rune. The actual deployer, @RuneFehu, confirmed the authenticity yesterday afternoon, but the next steps have not yet been announced.

2/ DECENTRALIZED by @CyberKongz

The project team has completed minting for the airdrop, being one of the last to enter the pre-runes phase. The initial Ordinals were started with a free airdrop, and as the saying goes, ‘the best things in life are free.’ Upon the rune’s launch, it quickly secured the number two spot. The price of the Ordinals also rose significantly, with the floor price increasing by 2–3 times. Another airdrop is planned for holders, which is a significant move compared to other projects. The official Twitter account for the rune DECENTRALIZED is @decentralized02, and no snapshot has been taken yet, so it’s worth continuing to monitor.

3/ DOG•GO•TO•THE•MOON by @LeonidasNFT

This rune project will airdrop 100% to the holders of Runestone, with the snapshot taking place at block 840269. It is one of the most popular pre-runes projects. Many projects offer whitelists or airdrops to Runestone holders. Currently, there has been no significant change in the Ordinal prices, but this project and the upcoming rune tokens are worth looking forward to.

4/ THE•RUNIX•TOKEN by @BVMnetwork

This is a Bitcoin Layer 2 project, and just last week, it collaborated with io to explore AI for Bitcoin L2. This rune is part of BVM’s RuneChain project. Holders of the Runer Ordinal need to connect their Runers to RuneChain to start activating mining capabilities. Once activated, this Ordinal asset will not be visible in the wallet but will reappear in the Bitcoin wallet when disconnected from RuneChain. The official website now features a rune swap function. The gameplay is diverse.

5/ DOG•DOG•DOG•DOG•DOG (anonymous team)

Currently fully premined, lacking further details.

6/ SATOSHI•NAKAMOTO (anonymous team)

This rune is showing signs of leadership. First, the name is “Satoshi.” Secondly, it has 20% reservations, which is the least among the top 10 tickers, and currently holds the record for the most rune addresses, nearing 20,000. This rune project has the highest trading volume today, and it launched on the Gate exchange at noon today. The current floor price is 9450 sats, with a market cap of 120M.

7/ MEME•ECONOMICS (anonymous team)

The project has 20% reservations and a large total supply. It has only 3500+ wallet addresses and is not recommended for participation.

8/ RSIC•GENESIS•RUNE by @rune_coin

This rune is fully reserved by RSIC METAPROTOCOL and will later be airdropped to Ordinals holders who participated in previous mining activities based on their points. This morning, the project team started the airdrop despite high gas costs, spending over 6 BTC. Each wallet could yield returns of around $10,000. There was a wave of selling pressure in the afternoon. The number of wallet addresses accounts for over 11,000 addresses, which ranks second only trailing number 6. The current price is around 18 sats, and the market cap is approximately 260 million. The gameplay is diverse, previously involving elements like rarity, mining bonuses, and lotteries. The project team also plans to conduct a second phase of campaigns.

9/ LOBO•THE•WOLF•PUP by @_BuoyantCapital

The team will airdrop everything to holders of Runestone and Rune Doors. Since the announcement, the floor price of Rune Doors has increased fivefold.


1/ COOK•THE•MEMPOOL: Number 37, fair mint with no reserves, minting has not started yet, time-limited but unlimited quantity, mint block at 844032–848064, about 4000 blocks remaining, worth monitoring.

2/ ANKO•MANKO•RUNES: Casey commented and retweeted to express appreciation for this rune. It features a fair and time-limited mint, with a total of 7525 runes issued. Over 1800 wallet addresses are holding it. After the project team retweeted, its price surged, approximately increasing fivefold in one day.

3/ INU•NI•MAKEMASEN: Casey mentioned this full name in a comment on WANKO’s tweet. It has a 1% reservation, with a total issuance of 20,790 runes, and over 2800 wallet addresses holding it. The market capitalization is 600,000.

4/ ORDINALS•ARE•DEAD: This afternoon, Leonidas tweeted about this, referring to a commonly mentioned meme. The minting, which was accelerated by high gas fees, concluded quickly with a total of 66,666 runes inscribed, and over 6,000 wallet addresses holding them.

III. Community

In the past two weeks, the strong #BRC20 communities and purchasing powers of Puppets and Wizards have caused the prices of inscriptions to soar. Various communities have also announced their plans for rune distributions. Everyone is encouraged to keep an eye on rune number 13 PUPS•WORLD•PEACE and rune number 17 MAGIC•INTERNET•MONEY, as well as any latest updates on their Twitter and Discord.