Token Unlocks Weekly|GAL,EUL And 1INCH Cliff Unlocks At Different Proportions This Week

Tokens on the point of Cliff Unlocks this week(3.27-4.2) include XCAD、YGG、CPOOL、EUL、GAL、GPT、ACA and 1INCH

As an integral part of Tokenomics, Token Unlocks refers to the release of locked tokens to the market within a prescribed period of time, the purpose of which is to ensure alignment of incentives among the project team, investors and community users. Token Unlocks (especially Cliff Unlocks) may generate selling pressure in the market, thus bringing about significant fluctuations in token prices. In view of this, investors should take notice of risks around token unlocks periods.

Token Unlocks generally fall into 2 categories: Linear Unlocks and Cliff Unlocks. Cliff Unlocks means that tokens are locked until a specific event or date when all locked tokens will be released at once. Tokens airdropped by projects commonly take up part of Cliff Unlocks. In terms of Linear Unlocks, tokens are to be released daily at a stable and fixed rate over a period of time. Liquidity incentives are usually incorporated in Linear Unlocks.

According to statistics by Token Unlocks and VestLab, tokens on the point of Cliff Unlocks this week(3.27-4.2) include XCAD(XCAD Network)、YGG(Yield Guild Games)、CPOOL(ClearPool)、EUL(Euler)、GAL(Galxe)、GPT(CryptoGPT)、ACA(Acala)and 1INCH(1inch).

Among them, 2,400,000 XCAD Network tokens XCAD (approximately $4.46M) are to be unlocked at 20:00:00 on March 27, accounting for 1.2% of the total supply;

16,872,453 Yield Guild Games tokens YGG (approximately $4.41M ) are to be unlocked at 21:59:00 on March 27th, accounting for 1.687% of the total supply;

31,167,410.19 Clearpool tokens CPOOL (approximately $1.15M ) are to be unlocked at 20:00:00 on March 28th, accounting for 3.117% of the total supply;

114,028 Euler tokens EUL (approximately $430K ) are to be unlocked at 11:19:38 on March 29th, accounting for 0.419% of the total supply;

192,307.69 Galxe tokens GAL (approximately $330K ) are to be unlocked at 20:00:00 on March 30th, accounting for 0.096% of the total supply;

15,000,000 CryptoGPT tokens GPT (approximately $1.4M ) are to be unlocked at 20:00:00 on March 31st, accounting for 0.5% of the total supply;

27,433,333 Acala tokens ACA (approximately $2.81M ) are to be unlocked at 15:00:00 on April 1st, accounting for 2.743% of the total supply;

15,000 1inch tokens 1INCH (approximately $7756 ) are to be unlocked at 04:00:00 on April 2nd, accounting for 0.001% of the total supply;


Among them, Cosmos tokens ATOM are to be unlocked linearly since April 1st; 294,133.33 of “Block Rewards” ATOM tokens are to be unlocked daily, 83% of which is already unlocked this month;

About 2,411,115 Optimism tokens OP (approximately $5.43M) are unlocked every day. 18% of “Ecosystem Fund” and “Retroactive Public Goods Funding” and 59% of user airdrops are yet to be unlocked;

About 272,300 Lido DAO tokens LDO (about $600K) are unlocked every day, and 48% of the “2nd Round Investor 36” part has been unlocked. Currently unlocked LDO tokens take up 98% of the total supply.

[Disclaimer] This article does not constitute any investment advice, always do your own research.

Writer: Peng SUN,Foresight News

Translator&Editor: Poerain, Foresight News

Data&Image Source:Token Unlocks、VestLab