Top 3 Crypto Projects Boosted by Launchpads

Launchpads are dedicated platforms that facilitate ICOs (initial coin offerings), or IDOs (initial DEX offerings), or IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings) by providing projects with direct access to potential investors and aiding their kickstart. 

Simply put, launchpads maintain the investment into a certain crypto initiative, promote it, and assist through its ICO or IDO span from the technical point of view. 

It is essential not to forget that launchpads are more than just cornerstones of today’s crypto economy – they are also cases in point of synergy between all walks of the industry: investors, developers, and community. And not only because all of them converge on shaping launchpads as they are now – they all actually benefit from the tools. Developers get their projects properly maintained and promoted, so that it’s not faded in the background of numerous scams or untrustable initiatives; investors are given a unique opportunity to purchase the tokens of verified projects at a lower fixed price with a chance to gain profits; and community experiences a purer crypto informational landscape. 

Alas, as I’ve mentioned above, launchpads are rarely casted an eye on, yet this tendency seems to vanish. As a matter of fact, many crypto projects sought its path to the stars by using the very launchpads! And among those well-known former novelties are:

Axie Infinity – The Most Famous Blockchain Game

Axie Infinity may not be the first-ever crypto game (salute to Crypto Kitties), but it is definitely the most significant. Introduced to the public in 2018, it offered a revolutionary approach towards maintaining the in-game economy, which envisaged usage of Ethereum-based tokens. To be more specific, the core elements of Axie’s gameplay are NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which can be minted, sold, and exchanged.

If to regard Axie Infinitiy from the point of in-game lore and mechanics, it has Axies as the main characters and dwellers of a virtual world. Axies can be battled, bred, collected, and even used to earn resources & collectibles that can be traded on a special marketplace. 

Axie Infinity is showing moderate activity and decent capitalisation – namely, its $AXS native token can boast of nearly $685 million of market capitalisation, and the game indicates from $800,000 to $1.5 million of daily trading volume. Nevertheless, Axie Infinity truly skyrocketed during crypto and NFT bull run in 2021, when its daily volume reached $242,5 million, and its token’s daily volume hitted overwhelming $2.88 billion (!). 

Still, the great success of Axie Infinity was foremostly guaranteed by Binance Launchpad. In fact, the game turned out to be Launchpad’s most profitable project, bringing returns of 1,649x at its peak from its launch price. Originally valued at $0.10 during Binance Launchpad sale, it surged to a peak of $164.9 on November 6, 2021. 

Polygon – Most Adopted Decentralized Solution 

One of the most widely-used blockchain for token development and distribution also used to kickstart through Binance Launchpad. Specifically, it turned out to be so successful that it achieved returns of up to 1,110x with an initial token price of $0,00263 and reaching $2.92 in December, 2021. 

Once a start-up initiative is now the most adopted solution for scaling and a cutting-edge ecosystem of blockchain-based products. It’s using a PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm, which is distinguished by its high operability and low emissions compared to mining on the basis of PoW (Proof of Work). It is hard to say whether it would not be so successful without using Launchpad, but it is even harder to deny the toolkit’s decisive role in project growth. 

Currently, Polygon is a basis for a great number of famous crypto-projects, including the foremost NFT-marketplace OpenSea, top-notch DeFi solution Curve, revolutionary trading protocol COVO Finance and more. 

Step App and STEPN – Primary Walk-to-Earn Projects

Step App and STEPN have a lot in common. 

Both are remarkable GameFi solutions, cruciality of which lies in move-2-earn blockchain protocol. Both are using walking, running, or any other physical moving activity for generating the income. Both maintain marketplaces for minting NFTs – sneakers, which can boost the progress. And both have earned a fair share of buzz around them.

Still, Step App and STEPN have another remarkable similarity – both of them launched through launchpads, and both greatly succeeded on these stages of investment. While Step App was launched on DAO Maker and created revenue by 150x, STEPN indicated an incredible 411x increase thanks to Binance Launchpad. 

From what has been stated, one might consider the cruciality of launchpads for crypto economy and industry development more insightfully. The fact is, the toolkits for kickstart created a bigger impact not only by promoting revolutionary projects, but also by simply offering promising initiatives to take leading positions and gain popularity.

Paul Osadchuk

Paul Osadchuk

I am a crypto-enthusiast with 5-year experience in copywriting. Worked for web3 companies and cryptocurrency exchange, which drove my keen interest towards the industry. Been writing for different publications on cryptocurrency, technology, economics and politics.