Towards NFT Adoption: Bridging the Gap between Web2 and Web3

Discover how SeekHYPE empowers Web2 brands to navigate and transform their businesses in the Web3 landscape.

Background information

The digital landscape is undergoing a profound transformation as Web2 companies gradually join into the Web3 industry. A report by NFT Tech in April 2023 provides compelling statistics that shed light on this transition: In 2022 and Q1 2023, a staggering 320 brands embarked on 526 Web3 projects, demonstrating a resilient 1.1% year-on-year increase despite challenging market conditions. Notably, 59% of these initiatives were centered around NFTs. Additionally, the surge in trademark applications related to Web3, particularly NFTs, is evident as nearly 9,000 applications were filed in 2022 compared to just over 2,100 in 2021.

Why do Web2 brands choose NFTs as their gateway to Web3?

Web2 brands are increasingly gravitating towards NFTs due to their versatile real-world applications. NFTs are not limited to digital art but encompass a wide array of use cases, including membership systems, ticketing solutions, asset ownership tokenization, metaverse experiences, and loyalty programs.

The gap Between Web2 and Web3

The gap between Web2 and Web3 is more than just a technological transition; it’s a cultural and operational shift. Web2 professionals often adhere to a firm and formal working style characterized by established protocols and structured hierarchies. In contrast, Web3 embraces a more flexible, decentralized approach that can, at times, appear easygoing. This stark contrast in work culture can lead Web2 practitioners to perceive Web3 practices as unprofessional, and in some cases, even suspect them of being fraudulent. 

Moreover, the Web3 community is rife with jargon like “degen” (short for “degenerate”), “WAGMI” (acronym for “We’re all gonna make it”) or “diamond hands” (indicating those investors who never sell the project’s tokens). These phrases, while second nature to Web3 enthusiasts, can bewilder and alienate Web2 brands attempting to navigate this new terrain. The linguistic barrier adds an extra layer of complexity to the integration process.

However, perhaps the most formidable challenge is the formidable learning curve inherent in the Web3 industry. Unlike the well-established Web2 ecosystem, Web3 is still in its infancy, constantly evolving. This evolution is not limited to technological aspects but extends to marketing strategies and community dynamics. The fast-paced speed at which the Web3 market shifts and adapts can be overwhelming, making it daunting for Web2 professionals to dive into this rapidly changing landscape.

The interference between Web2 and Web3

To adapt to this evolving digital era, one of the NFT marketplaces that seriously take the initiative to help Web2 brands proceed toward Web3 technology is SeekHYPE. SeekHYPE is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions to address the challenges faced by Web2 companies venturing into the world of Web3.


First and foremost, SeekHYPE combines the best of both worlds – a professional working style grounded in the reliability and formality of Web2, alongside the adaptability and creativity of Web3. The SeekHYPE team comprises Web3 veterans with prior experience in Web2 companies, therefore, this dual expertise equips SeekHYPE to build trust with Web2 brands, ensuring a smooth, clear, and transparent workflow. 

Deep knowledge about blockchain technology

Additionally, SeekHYPE possesses a deep and broad knowledge of blockchain technology. We understand the intricacies of smart contracts, blockchain protocols, and decentralized applications, enabling us to guide Web2 brands in navigating the complexities of Web3, ensuring that they can harness the full potential of blockchain technology to transform their business models.

Proficiency in building a robust Web3 community

SeekHYPE’s proficiency in building a highly engaging and vibrant community in the Web3 space is another vital asset. This skill is crucial, as building a strong community is among the most important contributors to the success of an NFT or Web3 project. SeekHYPE’s ability to create and nurture such communities will help empower Web2 brands to establish a meaningful presence in the Web3 landscape.

Wide network of partnerships

Furthermore, SeekHYPE has a vast network of strategic partnerships, particularly in the NFT space across Asia and beyond. These partnerships provide access to key players, influencers, and collaborators, creating a valuable ecosystem for Web2 brands looking to expand their reach and influence in the Web3 realm. This extensive network makes sure that Web2 companies are connected with the right partners, facilitating collaborations and initiatives that drive growth and innovation.

Case Studies of SeekHYPE’s Collaborations with Web2 Companies

FPT x SeekHYPE x Aura Network: Fox NFT Collection

In April 2023, SeekHYPE partnered with Aura Network and FPT, one of Vietnam’s prominent technology firms to introduce the Fox NFT collection, a groundbreaking initiative that redefined the OTT landscape in Vietnam. Fox NFT holders could have exclusive access to a plethora of programs on FPT Play, spanning from movies, TV series to classical sport matches. This collaboration not only enabled FPT Play to diversify its user experience but also served as a catalyst for expanding their user base. By offering unique content experiences through NFT ownership, FPT Play reaffirmed its position as a premier technology service provider.

Ahamove x SeekHYPE: Greenovative NFT Collection

SeekHYPE’s strategic partnership with Ahamove, a leading logistics provider in Vietnam, led to the creation of the Greenovative NFT collection which incentivizes audiences to adopt eco-friendly transportation options, thereby contributing to a greener future. Holders of Greenovative NFTs gain access to an extensive range of services from Ahamove through redeemable vouchers, including electric car rentals, delivery and ride-hailing services using electric motorbikes. This innovative collaboration not only promotes awareness about an eco-friendly lifestyle but also reinforces Ahamove’s commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. 

Following this successful collection, SeekHYPE and Ahamove are about to embark on another pioneering program aimed at revolutionizing the way brands acquire new users and recognize their loyal ones through an inventive reward scheme. Further information about this will be updated shortly in the upcoming weeks.


The transition from Web2 to Web3 is marked by both challenges and opportunities. Their vision of promoting NFT and Web3 adoption by bridging the gap between these two worlds is a major step in this transformative journey. The case studies above have highlighted SeekHYPE’s commitment to pioneering transformative collaborations that leverage NFTs and Web3 technologies to unlock new value propositions and opportunities for Web2 companies. Such achievements of Aura Network, FPT, and Ahamove when cooperating with SeekHYPE serve as compelling examples of how NFTs can be a powerful tool in continuously innovating and growing in this digital landscape. Through these initiatives, SeekHYPE not only connects Web2 companies with their audiences in a more profound manner but also propels them towards a future defined by decentralization, inclusivity, and transparency.

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