Undefined Labs and DoraHacks Collaborate to Host the Undefined Hacker House Hackathon in Seoul

Undefined Labs, which is currently developing the on-chain risk rating solution, Riskly, will host the Undefined Hacker House Hackathon in collaboration with the global hackathon community operator, DoraHacks. This hackathon, sponsored by Dream Plus, Uprise, BNB Chain, Kana Labs, and Pomerium, will take place on May 26th on the basement floor of Dream Plus Gangnam, located in Seoul.

According to Donghyeon Jo, the representative of hackathon organizer Undefined Labs, the goal is to create a platform where web3 blockchain developers and those considering a career in the blockchain market can freely communicate, regardless of nationality. Furthermore, it aims to provide a venue where blockchain participants can share their unique ideas.

Starting at 1 PM on Friday, May 26th, 2023(KST), active figures in the domestic blockchain market, such as Unopnd’s COO GD Kim, Kana Labs’ APAC Director Aric, and Quad X’s Yeoleum, will share their firsthand experiences in the web3 market. Moreover, six blockchain societies, including EwhaChain (Ewha Womans University), Oracle (KAIST), Blockchain Valley (Korea University), and ChainHa (Inha University), along with blockchain developers from both Korea and abroad, will participate in networking activities. Global media partners Foresight News, ChainCatcher, and Wincrypto will also be present.

About Undefined Labs

Undefined Labs leverages its years of experience in blockchain business development and operational capabilities to analyze market trends and provide insights to individuals and companies. Based on five years of experience, it aims to establish itself as a specialized institution for evaluating the risks of the blockchain industry, companies, and digital assets.