Vitalik, Brian Armstrong, Yat Siu, and 160+ Speakers Join Taipei Blockchain Week 2023 

Taipei, Taiwan – 11/20/23 – Taipei is gearing up for its largest blockchain event of 2023  – Taipei Blockchain Week, scheduled for December 11-16, 2023 at the Songshan Culture Park promises to be a spectacular convergence of minds, ideas, and innovations, doubling its footprint from the previous year. 

With less than a few weeks to go, Taipei Blockchain Week is set to showcase an impressive lineup of speakers and sponsors, drawing enthusiasts, professionals, and innovators from across the globe.

Notable Keynote Speakers and Panelists include: 

  • Vitalik, Co-Founder, Ethereum
  • Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase & Research Hub
  • Yat Siu, Chairman of the Board, Animoca Brands
  • Jamie Lin, Chairman & Partner of AppWorks, AppWorks 
  • Joe Hsieh – ASUS COO & ASUS Metaverse Chairman
  • Justin Sun, Founder, TronDAO
  • Sebastien Borget, COO / Co-Founder, The Sandbox
  • Ray Chan, CEO, MEMELAND / 9GAG
  • Wayne Chang, Founder and CEO, SpruceID
  • Hsuan Lee, CEO, Blocto
  • Yenwen Feng, Cofounder, Perpetual Protocol
  • Alex Ye, Hokage, Republic Crypto
  • James Ho, Head, Animoca Ventures
  • Suji Yan, CEO/Co-Founder, Mask Network
  • Matthew Liu – Co-Founder at Origin Protocol
  • Jörg Roskowetz, Director Solution Architect AI and Web3 Technology, AMD

These industry leaders will share insights and lead discussions on the future and scalability of blockchain technology. The complete speaker list can be found here: 

Proudly Cohosted and Supported

This event is co-hosted by BuZhiDAO and TABEI, with strategic partnerships including Avalanche, Google Cloud, and Sora Ventures, and supported by the National Development CouncilStart-up Island Taiwan, and the Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Development Association,

The event’s success is bolstered by the commitment of over 40 sponsors including:

These organizations are at the forefront of blockchain innovation and are instrumental in shaping the conference.

Event Highlights

  • TBW Hackathon (Dec 11-13): 3-day hackathon where developers worldwide will build and showcase groundbreaking blockchain solutions. Participating chains include Sui, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Aleo, Bonk, and more.
  • TBW Scale Conference (Dec 14-15): Engaging talks, panels, and networking sessions focused on the scalability and future of blockchain technology.
  • SHE Scales Summit (Dec 16): A dedicated platform partnering with WOB and  TaZhiDAO showcasing female leaders in the blockchain and tech space.
  • Sora Summit (Dec 16): Sora Summit’s first Taiwan conference highlighting four pivotal themes, including the Bitcoin Ecosystem, Encryption and cryptography, Decentralized Science, and NFT Utility & DeFi infrastructure. 

With over 50 side events alongside the main conference,  Taipei Blockchain Week is more than a conference, it will be a gathering of innovation, culture, and Taiwanese hospitality. Join us as we scale new heights in the rapidly evolving world of Web3!

Tickets and Information

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Taipei Blockchain Week:

Taipei Blockchain Week is a premier community-built blockchain conference in Taiwan, gathering industry leaders, developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to explore the latest trends and innovations in blockchain technology. With a strong focus on scalability and bridging Taiwan with the global blockchain community, the event aims to foster collaboration and drive blockchain adoption worldwide. For more information, visit