Web3 Projects Marketing: 5 Effective Strategies


Two days ago, I showed the application I found to my good friend. With the high level of security, user-friendly interface and relevant status. I waited for his comments for 10 minutes, but he just shrieked in his face and asked me, “Do they have Web3 integration or something like that?” If it’s not, it’s a waste of time. And I was dumbfounded and just wondered for a second why we don’t take the application as a good product without Web3 integration anymore.

And not only users finally got it, but also companies and digital projects started to integrate the mass adoption of Web3 strategies and AI tools. And if some fail, others are definitely going to be at the forefront of the industry thanks to the new technologies.

Web3 Marketing Channels

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1⃣ Social Media Marketing

My recommendations would start with the first aspect of any promotion- Social Media Marketing. It’s significant to develop a strategy where company founders become industry leaders and domain experts. The most profitable way to accomplish it is on Twitter and Discord.

The biggest takeaway is to know your audience. Market research has to become your best friend. Before you dive in, do a little market research on the target audience to avoid a failure. We are all expecting a fast profit immediately, but we have to conclude at this point that all social media websites have unique demographic distributions. They differ by nationality, age, gender, occupation, etc. Research in this area will save you time, effort, and stale accounts.

One of the tips from Web3 Strategies, the marketing specialist can create communities around the crypto project on social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Discord.

2⃣ Influencer Marketing

The main aspect of influencer marketing is how companies increasingly rely on influencers to promote their brands on social media platforms. According to the Web3 strategy, one of the most effective ways is through collaboration with Web2 Projects. Such partnerships will increase their penetration into the target market and enable them to build trust with prospective users. Influencer Marketing of the Blockchain technologies sounds a little complicated. But, from my personal experience, you can find the number of crypto influencers only via Twitter and Youtube.

After all, seek community feedback across your social channels. I’m not simply talking about the active Discord or Twitter, but how the team listens to the communities of users across all social channels. Taking feedback from your audience will help you better understand their needs.

3⃣ SEO

No marketing strategy exists without SEO. SEO strategies may take a month or more to produce effective results. The main task is building the reputation of the project according to search engines. And every platform has different SEO guidelines. It’s never the same with SEO for social networks. Instagram SEO is different from Youtube SEO and Google SEO is different from Twitter SEO. That’s like we always say, “we all are unique and individual”.

For promoting your project, you require relevant keywords and hashtags. Your website and social media profile content should satisfy user or search intent. It should contain quality information for your target audience to consume. Engaging media, like videos, images, tweets, etc., should be adequately present across your website. Overall, SEO is among those Web3 marketing channels that substantially boost the visibility of your Web3 project.

Image created by the author in Canva ©️ author assumes copyright and provenance

4⃣ Community Management

According to Hubspot strategy that I, personally, used:

Firstly and forefront — 🆙 Customer Support/ Success.

The first type of community management is customer support and success, and it can often be in the form of a forum, FAQ document, or community website. A forum, typically a question-and-answer community-based discussion board, is a great way to connect with your community, answer questions, and give community members a chance to chat and interact with each other. You can also ask for customer feedback on the channel.

🆙 Product Ideation, Innovation, and Feedback.

Creating a safe environment for consumers and members of your target market to share comments and ideas about how to develop and enhance your products and services is a proactive and reactive sort of community management.

🆙 Acquisition and Advocacy

Acquisition and advocacy community management allows you to interact directly with people excited about your business, including your leads, customers, brand ambassadors, and brand advocates.

🆙 Social Media Community Management

Social media community management is when your business engages with your audience on social media, whether on your own profiles (like a Facebook page) or pages you build solely for creating a community (like a Reddit forum or a Discord group).

Top Web3 Projects To Watch In 2023

🟣 InQubeta: Empowering impactful AI startups

According to Analytics Insights — InQubeta is a next-generation crypto project that has been making waves with its innovative use of AI and blockchain technology. Addressing a structural lacuna in the startup industry, the platform serves as a bridge that connects potential investors with startups looking for seed capital. What’s more, is that it’s powered by Ethereum, which offers the network world-class security and scalability. The platform’s native token QUBE is built on the ERC-20 protocol and it is the primary cryptocurrency on the network. The token is currently being sold on presale and its presale success has fetched it a spot on every analyst’s best new ico list.


AltSignals is one of those proposed as one of the greatest new cryptocurrency projects of 2023 as it seeks to leverage the power of AI technology to advance its industry-leading trading signals. AltSignals has raised $1.2m since launching the ICO for the ASI token recently as investors flock to get a piece of this hot new cryptocurrency. Here’s why experts believe that the bullish presale investor might see 100x gains.

🟣 The Graph: Deploying dApps for higher scalability and efficiency

According to Analytics Insights — the Graph is an indexing protocol that has been designed for querying data for blockchain networks like IPFS and Ethereum. It also provides developers with a host of tools for deploying cutting-edge dApps that can promote Web 3.0 adoption. Its native token is GRT and it’s used for meeting various transactional obligations that one might come across on the network. All blockchains powered by The Graph have an open data layer on top of them.

From the Web3 integrations, I would also highlight the WhiteBIT Web3 Deposit and Web3 Authourization. So, it means that the users can deposit ETH tokens and related networks such as Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, etc. So that’s also a great opportunity to make it more easier and comfortable way.

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