Web3 Social Game DogeWalk Completes Seed Funding, Led by ByteTrade Lab

DogeWalk, a web3 social game focused on the pets industry has completed its seed funding round, raising $1M at a $10M valuation. ByteTrade Lab led the investment and will be providing comprehensive incubation and operational support for DogeWalk simultaneously. The funds raised will be used to kickstart global operations, facilitate future hardware integration, and expand the ecosystem.

DogeWalk enables users to possess virtual dog-form NFTs. By walking, playing, and sharing moments with their virtual pets, users can earn tokens, which can be used in-game or redeemed for real dog food, supplies, services, and more. The beta version of the game is currently available for trial.

ByteTrade Lab is a Web 3.0 studio, backed by SIG Asia Investment and other leading institutional investors, including INCE Capital, BAI Capital, Sky9 Capital, BlueRun, and PCG. They collectively invested $50 million in Series A funding round in June 2022.



A new and valuable WEB3 community for dog lovers around the world, allowing people to walk their dogs and earn tokens for income.