Web3+AI Astrology Project: Quaere Officially Lands on the App Store

Quaere, the AI companion project based on the Web3 astrology concept, has officially made its debut on the App Store. Quaere’s Nora AI offers a 24/7 AI companion service equipped with extensive knowledge in astrology, tarot, and psychology. Leveraging real astrologer model data, Nora provides personalized advice and guidance to users. Through Nora AI, users can:

  • Receive personalized horoscope insights.
  • Engage in healing and self-improvement.
  • Seek Web3 trading inspiration and emotional guidance through AI tarot consultations.
  • Experience continuous emotional companionship for solace and support.

As users actively engage with the platform, they have the opportunity to participate and earn STAR Points and other generous rewards. The Proof of Wisdom (POW) rewards system enhances the quality of AI interactions while ensuring genuine ownership. Users can download Quaere on the App Store (excluding mainland China). Alongside the official app launch, the Quaere staking system is now live. Quaere Genesis Pass holders can activate the app by staking on the official website, with those staking before 15:00(UTC) on December 26th enjoying Diamond-level privileges on the platform.