Week Ahead Industry Previews: First Week of April 2023

Here’s a rundown of the most noteworthy industry events and project developments to look out for in the coming week

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinFLEX announced that it is close to being able to start distributing comprehensive assets to creditors in accordance with the approved restructuring terms. CoinFLEX expects to pay out the rvUSD portion early next week, and expects equity issuance to begin later in the week, but there may be delays in the process. In addition, CoinFLEX plans to distribute USDC/USDT equity at the end of next week, depending on each creditor submitting additional KYC documents, including passports and proof of address, as required by Seychelles law and regulations. Creditors have up to six months to comply with these KYC requirements, otherwise their equity may be forfeited by the company.

Service provider Lemma, a member of the Arbitrum Foundation, has launched “AIP-1: Arbitrum Improvement Proposal Framework” on Snapshot, proposing the establishment of ArbitrumDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization to be managed by ARB holders. The organization will be able to collectively decide and implement changes from core protocol technology to non-technical decisions. According to the AIP process specified in the ArbitrumDAO charter, ArbitrumDAO will have direct on-chain governance over the DAO treasury. In order to provide effective governance for ArbitrumDAO and promote the development of governance chains, 3,527,046,079 ARB tokens have been transferred to the DAO treasury. To improve operational and administrative efficiency, a separate account (administrative budget wallet) controlled by the Arbitrum Foundation will be created. 750 million ARB tokens will be transferred to the administrative budget wallet to provide special appropriations, compensate service providers for their total setup costs, and pay for the ongoing administrative and operational costs of the Arbitrum Foundation. Additional funds for the administrative budget wallet will need to be approved by the ArbitrumDAO through the AIP process. The voting deadline for this proposal is April 4th at 06:13.

The ETH Beijing hackathon, initiated by PKU Blockchain and WTF Academy, will be held in Beijing on April 5th, co-organized by the Ethereum scaling project Scroll and ETHPlanet, with a total prize pool of over $30,000 and accompanied by demo days.

According to the Mt.Gox website, the deadline for filing a claim has been changed from March 10, 2023 to April 6, 2023, with the repayment deadline postponed from September 30, 2023 to October 31, 2023, subject to unavoidable circumstances, further extensions to the deadline will be difficult. Mt.Gox currently has approximately 142,000 BTC, 143,000 Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and 69 billion yen in outstanding compensation.

April 3rd

Project Updates:

  • The deadline for application to Sequoia Capital Arc Europe is April 3rd at 07:59.
  • y00ts will impose a 33.3% “Paper Hands Bridge Tax” on the remaining y00ts on Solana on April 3rd.
  • DeGods will start collecting Paper Hands Bridge Tax on April 3rd.
  • BitKeep will partner with Bitget to launch the “Power of B, 2023 Airdrop Plan”.

Upcoming Events:

  • Pantera Blockchain Summit will take place in San Francisco from April 3rd to 4th.
  • Encode x Polkadot Hackathon will begin on April 3rd.

April 4th

Proposal Vote:

  • The Arbitrum community has initiated a proposal to establish ArbitrumDAO, with voting ending on April 4th at 06:13.

Important Event:

  • FTX has rescheduled the auction date for its derivative trading platform, LedgerX, to April 4th.

April 5th

Upcoming Events:

  • ETH Beijing Hackathon, initiated by PKU Blockchain and WTF Academy, will take place in Beijing on April 5th.

Project Updates:

  • NFT platform LiveArtX will launch the NFT series “X Card” on April 5th.
  • Starknet has established an early adopter funding committee, with the first round of funding applications open until April 5th.
  • 3D virtual image NFT project HALO OFFICIAL’s airdrop application deadline ends at 18:00 on April 5th.

Important Event:

  • Mutant Ape Planet developer trial will be held on April 5th.

April 6th

Project Updates:

  • Klaytn’s Baobab testnet is expected to complete a hard fork on April 6th at 3:20 am.
  • ETP issuer 21Shares will close five funds on April 6th due to decreased investor demand.

Important Event:

  • The deadline for submitting claims for the Mt.Gox compensation has been postponed to April 6th.

April 7th

NFT Minting:

  • Muverse will collaborate with Japanese master artist Yoshihito Akatsuka to launch their new NFT avatar on April 7th.

Project Updates:

  • A US judge has requested the government submit a brief against Voyager’s sale to Binance.US by April 7th.

April 8th

Upcoming Events:

  • Antalpha Labs will host ZKP HackerHouse in Chiang Mai, Thailand from April 8th to 29th.
  • The Hong Kong station of the Web3 Global Entrepreneurship Competition “HAPathon 2023”, co-organized by PlatON, Alibaba Cloud, and HashKey, will be held from April 8th to 9th.

April 9th

Project Updates:

  • L2 Accelerator launched by Web3 education community, Encode Club, will end on April 9th.