Week Ahead Industry Previews: Second Week of August 2023

Here’s a rundown of the most noteworthy web3 industry events and project developments to look out for in the coming week

On August 9th, Coinbase’s Layer2 network Base mainnet will be publicly launched, accessible to the general public. Prior to this, Base was opened to developers on July 14th, and many tools and protocols have already been launched on the Base mainnet, including node providers such as Blockdaemon and QuickNode, Safe Wallet smart wallet infrastructure, block explorers like Basescan and Blockscout, data indexers like The Graph, Goldsky, and Covalent, as well as Thirdweb developer tools. On August 3rd, Coinbase has already introduced the Base cross-chain bridge and announced the launch of the one-month on-chain event called Onchain Summer, which includes providing 100 ETH grants to projects built on Base and collaborating with Superchain for an online hackathon called Superhack.

The Plato hard fork on the BNB Chain is expected to be deployed on the mainnet on August 10th, and the Hertz hard fork is expected on August 30th. All validating nodes and full node operators on the BNB Chain mainnet must switch their software versions to v1.2.9 by August 10th, 2023.

dYdX will reset and restart its public testnet #2 on August 11th, 01:00 Beijing time. On August 8th, 00:11 Beijing time, the dYdX Chain public testnet #1 will be closed, and during the upgrade process, the testnet will be unavailable. The new public testnet will include key upgrades, adding over 30 markets, introducing rewards and ownership (users will receive testnet governance tokens when trading), transaction fees, dynamic margin requirements, and more.

On August 11th, a US federal judge will hold a hearing to consider more arguments about whether to revoke Sam Bankman-Fried’s (SBF) bail. Previously, the judge sought to tighten the bail conditions and consider pre-trial detention for SBF before the FTX trial.

August 7th

Project Updates:

  • Starknet will release v0.12.1 on the Goerli testnet on August 7th.

Important Events:

  • The Singapore court may decide on the dissolution or restructuring of Hodlnaut on the hearing scheduled for August 7th.

Upcoming Events:

  • HashKey will host the first edition of its Community Tea Session with the theme “ICP’s Powerful Strides In Revolutionizing The Digital Asset World.”

Token Unlocking:

  • Hashflow’s token HFT will be unlocked, releasing 3.23 million tokens (approximately $1.15 million), accounting for 1.84% of the circulating supply.
  • Nym’s token NYM will be unlocked, releasing 45.63 million tokens (approximately $8.68 million), accounting for 9.52% of the circulating supply.

August 8th

Project Updates:

  • NFT project VeeFriends will release exclusive plush toys Squishmallow in collaboration with toy giant Jazwares.

NFT Minting:

  • Play-to-Earn (P2E) blockchain game Dimension X will launch NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain on August 8th.
  • Web3 equity aggregation platform VIP3 will open a limited-time free minting membership card event on its official website on August 8th.

August 9th

Project Updates:

  • Base Mainnet will be launched on August 9th, and the on-chain event “Onchain Summer” will also commence for one month.
  • Fixed-term CAKE stakers will start receiving 5% of the trading fee revenue from all PancakeSwap v3 currency pairs from August 9th.
  • FTX Bahamas Entity’s liquidation proceedings have been extended to August 9th.

Upcoming Events:

  • The 11th Internet Security Conference (ISC 2023) will take place from August 9th to 10th at the Beijing National Convention Center.
  • VDX will host an online event with the theme “What are the Do’s and Don’ts When applying for VASP license?”.
  • AI metaverse startup Futureverse launches a task interactive challenge, where users need to complete tasks before 7:00 on August 9th.

Token Unlocking:

  • Moonbeam’s token GLMR will be unlocked, releasing 3.04 million tokens (approximately $700,000), accounting for 0.44% of the circulating supply.

August 10th

Project Updates:

  • BNB Chain’s Plato hard fork is expected to be deployed on the mainnet on August 10th.
  • The disclosure hearing on the Celsius collective restructuring plan will be held on August 10th.
  • Binance will delist TRX/BUSD and DODO/BUSD perpetual contracts on August 10th.

Proposal Voting:

  • The deadline for voting on ApeCoin DAO proposal AIP-295 is August 10th, aiming to restrict token voting to holders of at least 1 APE token.

August 11th

Project Updates:

  • dYdX will launch dYdX Chain public testnet #2 on August 11th.

Important Event:

  • A hearing will be held by a US judge on August 11th to consider more arguments regarding the revocation of SBF’s bail.

August 12th

Token Unlocking:

  • Aptos token APT will be unlocked, releasing 4.54 million tokens (approximately $30.58 million), accounting for 2.07% of the circulating supply.
  • ImmutableX token IMX will be unlocked, releasing 1.88 million tokens (approximately $13.51 million), accounting for 1.67% of the circulating supply.

August 13th

Important Event: