What is Arkham? How does Intel-to-earn work?

by Chuxiaolian

In the past two days, I have seen many people discussing ArkhamIntel, so let’s understand what Arkham is.

Arkham is an on-chain data query tool and intelligence trading platform that provides information about real-world entities and individuals behind cryptocurrency market activities, promoting an intel economy of blockchain de-anonymization through artificial intelligence.

Through Arkham, you can see the correlation graph behind each wallet address. As Arkham is used more and more, the owner behind each wallet has traces to follow.

Arkham can view the association graph of each address

1. What are the functions of Arkham?

From the official introduction, users can obtain the following information through the platform Arkham:

① View the entities and individuals behind each encrypted wallet address;

② Use historical data to see what top traders/investors are doing in real time;

③ Use the data on the chain to track the flow of funds and predict future market trends;

④Track your investment portfolio and historical performance;

⑤ Conduct due diligence;

⑥Research and observe illegal capital flows, and carry out on-chain investigations;

⑦ Use real-time on-chain data and analytics to inform your research and reports.

There are many tracking tools on the chain, and Arkham has more functions.

For example, if you search the wallet vitalik.eth, you can see the wallet balance, assets on each chain, recent interaction records, even profit-to-loss ratio, balance fluctuations, and corresponding Twitter and LinkedIn social media accounts, etc.

You can also see that the most used exchange by Vitalik is FTX. I wonder if there is any loss in his wallet after FTX exploded?

I can also see that 1,000 TSUKA tokens were transferred to Vitalik wallet a few hours ago. I don’t know if it is a copycat, and I need to get some traffic and attention from Vitalik

the wallet vitalik.eth

2. Use the Arkham platform Intel-to-Earn Intel to make money

Arkham has a user reward mechanism, rewards for ecologically beneficial behaviors, ordinary users can earn bounties by using, inviting new users, and Intel-to-Earn.

Content and new recruitment rewards, that is, invite new users to join or create high-quality research reports and project analysis content on the platform, you can get ARKM.

Information provision and tagging rewards, that is, providing intelligence information or tagging, adding value to the platform, and getting rewards.

Arkham will also launch Intel Exchange, a decentralized intelligence trading platform.

Ordinary users can obtain rewards by providing valuable content, such as tracking chain dynamics or related information, becoming “on-chain detectives”, providing intelligence to the platform, and obtaining ARKM rewards;

Buyers can post bounty tasks with specific intelligence needs by staking ARKM; bounty hunters search for intelligence and upload it to the platform, and if they meet the buyer’s needs, they can get rewards.

Some say it’s a “detective” deal. If you have a keen sense of smell on the chain and can capture valuable information, you can perform Intel-to-Earn in Arkham to earn bounties.

Arkham can view the association of azuki

3. Arkham’s airdrop and future expectations

In the initial distribution of ARKM, the proportion of community rewards and compensation is 37.7%, which is really a feedback for the support of early community users.

Those who have interacted with the platform or used products can get corresponding points, and the points can be airdropped by ARKM according to the corresponding proportion.

Those who have not received the airdrop can also pay attention to BN’s upcoming Launchpad event on July 17. Users who hold BNB and meet the KYC requirements have the opportunity to get ARKM at a price of $0.05, but the trend of ARKM after listing depends on the market feedback.

Regarding the launch and future application of Arkham, some people worry about data security in the future encrypted world.

There are professional bounty hunters on the chain, and there is a decentralized trading platform dedicated to “important intelligence” transactions. Is there any guarantee for the security of personal data on the chain in the future?

Because there are countless eyes monitoring every move on the chain at any time, and the blockchain is transparent and traceable. Once personal real information is exposed on the chain once, the user data map on the chain will be completely connected. Privacy is out of the question.

Think about it, this is also a great challenge for the blockchain.

Data connection looks fantastic

Of course, the development of projects on the chain also shows that the market demand is booming, but any demand and service has two sides.

As an ordinary user, you should protect your personal information as much as possible to avoid unnecessary disclosure; at the same time, try to experience different project gameplay, because you don’t know which one is a new opportunity.

Just like Arkham sent private messages to many KOLs in early June, inviting them to experience the product, but they were rejected; now there is an airdrop, and the KOLs who rejected Arkham at that time have already regretted it. No one can say for sure about the new project.

How many people rejected Arkham’s connection request?

Perhaps we can also use Arkham to track the dynamics of a few big accounts or whale wallets, see what these “smart money” are doing, and follow them. Is it possible to optimize the operation strategy and make money?

There are often surprises in the blockchain, and it requires a curiosity to continue exploring. I wish everyone good luck next time.

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I am Chuxiaolian, and I am following the web3 and encryption world.



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