XPLA and Oasys Partner with Leading Brands and Tech Giants in co-hosting the ‘Beyond Boundaries’ Hackathon

XPLA, the universal content powerhouse, has partnered with Oasys, a game-optimised blockchain, to co-host the ‘Beyond Boundaries’ hackathon alongside a stellar line-up of partners. This event aims to revolutionize gaming experiences and foster a more interconnected and integrated blockchain environment. The hackathon will bridge the gap between fragmented Layer 1 blockchains, promote language protocol convenience, and accelerate the creation of a cohesive and interoperable digital economy.

Partners and sponsors joining XPLA and Oasys for this exciting event include GroundX, Haechi, Hashed, Nexon, Xangle, and Yooldo. These brands will contribute their expertise and resources and participate as judges in the hackathon, ensuring a diverse and collaborative evaluation process.

Each partner brings unique expertise and mentorship support to the hackathon. XPLA, the universal content powerhouse backed by Com2uS, will provide a gamer-friendly development environment with Oasys to enhance gaming experiences and amplify Web3 development. GroundX, Haechi, Hashed, Nexon, Xangle, and Yooldo will offer their expertise, invite builders to participate, and support co-marketing efforts to drive innovation in the blockchain space.

“Welcoming several established brands including Nexon to the Beyond Boundaries hackathon will contribute to positioning XPLA and Oasys in a unique new way that will appeal to developers and gamers all over the world.” said Oasys Director, Daiki Moriyama. “Nexon’s comprehensive gaming expertise and commitment to Web3 expansion, along with their role as an early validator and governance council member within the Oasys ecosystem, significantly amplify the hackathon’s impact and contribute to the seamless integration of games on the blockchain.”

As part of the hackathon, XPLA and Oasys will host “Beyond Boundaries Onboarding Camp”, an online event for developers. Participants will get the chance to discover the potential of Web3 games and their role in shaping the future of the gaming industry. They can engage in a sharing session with experienced builders and gain new skills, as well as learn about the XPLA and Oasys Mainnet ecosystems that are transforming online gaming. The session will also provide opportunities to connect with like-minded enthusiasts and industry professionals, fostering meaningful conversations and potential collaboration opportunities.

The ‘Beyond Boundaries’ hackathon will feature engaging AMA sessions with representatives from several brands to guide and mentor participants. The journey culminates with a Demo Day at Dreamplus Gangnam in Seoul, Korea, where finalists can present their innovative projects, network, and enjoy a vibrant ambiance with food and drinks. With a total prize fund of $60,000, generously contributed by XPLA and Oasys, participants can compete for substantial rewards supporting future project development milestones.

The panel of judges will feature various representatives from XPLA and Oasys, and partner brands. Dominic, Head of Business Development & Head of Korea for Oasys;· Alfred, Chief Technology Officer of XPLA; Lauren Kim, NFT Team Lead of GroundX; the Head of Business Development for Haechi; SB An, Data Lead for · Hashed; Ryu.K, Chief Blockchain Developer for Nexon; Joo-Woong Byun, Product Owner for Xangle and Erick You, Lead & Development for Yooldo will work to ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation process.  Participants will go through several rounds of evaluations with 15 finalists (5 from each theme) passing the first stage and the final 9 winners selected from each theme after demonstrating their products.

The collaborative efforts of several world-leading gaming companies and tech giants as sponsors and partners of the ‘Beyond Boundaries’ Hackathon will help XPLA and Oasys align development themes with player interests, offering a higher-quality user experience to more gamers. 

The ‘Beyound Boundaries’ hackathon has the potential to majorly impact the game industry, including cementing the future of Web3 gaming and bringing blockchain into the mainstream. Oasys’ previous hackathon – the Tokyo HACKJAM – showcased incredible results and the brand finds itself in good company with other elite gaming and tech teams to welcome and encourage more Web3 enthusiasts to participate in this exciting gaming experience.

Applications for the hackathon are open from the website. Participants are invited to join the respective social media channels to team up with builders and get support from the XPLA and Oasys team.

Telegram Notification: https://t.me/beyondboundaries_notif
Telegram Chat: https://t.me/beyondboundaries_chat
Discord: https://discord.gg/glitch-hack
Website: https://app.glitch-hack.com/

About Oasys

Oasys is a blockchain-based game development platform that offers a highly scalable Layer 1 hub and specialized Layer 2 using Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solution. The ecosystem provides game developers with a secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure for creating more efficient, secure, and interoperable games. Among Oasys’ validators are leaders in gaming and Web3, such as SEGA, Ubisoft, and Yield Guild Games, who act as initial validators in its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based blockchain. Oasys’ expert blockchain team, combined with the biggest names in gaming, is revolutionizing the gaming industry.

Oasys solves the challenges that game developers face when building blockchain-based games by focusing on creating an ecosystem for gamers and developers to distribute and develop games. The company’s trifecta approach includes a fast network powered by the gaming community, a scalable network powered by AAA game developers, and a blockchain that provides the best user experience with fast transactions and zero gas fees. This approach prepares participants to enter the Oasys and play.

More information on Oasys is available at:

Website: https://www.oasys.games
Twitter: https://twitter.com/oasys_games
Discord: http://discord.gg/oasysgames

About XPLA

XPLA is a Tendermint-based Layer 1 blockchain that serves as a hub for digital media content. Based on the idea of ‘Explore and Play,’ XPLA encompasses a wide range of digital content, including Web3 games, blockchain gaming platform, NFT marketplace, and metaverse. As a universal content powerhouse, XPLA provides a sublime creative experience for all with its significant size game infrastructure.

XPLA fosters an environment where gamers’ ownership and efforts are respected, with ‘Play to Own’ values at its core, for a sustainable blockchain gaming ecosystem. Having recently onboarded top-notch IPs such as Summoners War: Chronicles, MiniGame Party, and Ace Fishing: Crew, XPLA is not merely progressing, but propelling ahead as a pivotal, content-driven blockchain, exhibiting an impressive spectrum of services.

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