ZKFair:We are Ready for the Future

It has been nearly one month since the ZKFair mainnet was launched. We are very excited to share with you the achievements of ZKFair this month: the Mainnet is online and running smoothly, the Gas fee Airdrop has been successfully concluded, ZKFair’s TVL has soared to 324 million US dollars, ZKF tokens were launched 10+ exchanges in one day, Gas fee profit dividends were launched, the total ZKF pledge amount exceeded 2.6 billion, 75% of Gas fee profits have been divided among 3W+ ZKF stakers, and the .zkf domain name service will be launched soon…

Behind prosperity, many people are curious about the future prospects of ZKFair. Here, we sincerely share the journey of ZKFair thus far and promptly update the community on our future plans.

100% Fair launch, confronting the unfairness and PUA in the ZK race

As mentioned in our previous articles multiple times, the ZK ecosystem currently faces challenges such as overvaluation, lack of participation for ordinary users, high entry barriers, and monopolization by VCs. User participation is often subject to PUA (pump-and-dump) tactics. Therefore, the inception of ZKFair aims to create a fair and fully community-driven ZK L2 network.

We adopted a 100% fair launch model, where 25% of the tokens were airdropped to users who have interacted with networks like Polygon zkEVM, ZKSpace, zkSync, Linea, Scroll, and holders of Lumoz loyalty points over the past two months. The remaining 75% of the tokens were distributed to the ZKFair community through Gas fee Airdrops.

Fortunately, we have withstood market tests, which have accumulated early users and initial capital for the subsequent development of ZKFair. Here, we would like to express special gratitude to those community members who recognized the ZKFair and actively advocated and promoted it!

With a peak TVL of $324 million, ZKFair currently ranks 9th on the L2 leaderboard.

Alongside the Gas fee Airdrop campaign, ZKFair’s on-chain TVL has achieved a historic breakthrough. On December 26th, we announced the official conclusion of the gas fee Airdrop, with the on-chain TVL reaching $123 million. The total number of participants in the campaign exceeded 200,000, and the total gas consumed surpassed 100 million USDC.

Since then, the on-chain TVL has continued to soar. According to L2Beat data, ZKFair’s on-chain TVL reached a peak of $324 million, and although it has slightly retraced since then, it still surpasses Linea with a TVL of $270 million, securing the 9th position on the L2 leaderboard.

ZKF Token Listed on Bybit, Gate, Bitget, and 10+ Other Exchanges Within a Day

The total supply of ZKF tokens is 10 billion, with 2.5 billion being fairly airdropped to L2 community users, and the remaining 7.5 billion being distributed through Gas fee airdrops. On January 1, 2024, users were able to claim their ZKF tokens. On January 11, we took the initiative to burn the unclaimed 130 million ZKF tokens and committed to no longer mint any additional ZKF tokens in the future.

On January 5, our official token, ZKF, was listed on more than 10 exchanges, including Bybit, Kucoin, Bitget, Gate, HTX, MEXC, and BitMart. This not only provided ZKFair with more channels and users but also significantly enhanced ZKFair’s recognition and liquidity in the market.

L2 Gas Fee Profit Sharing Launched, 4W+ ZKF stakers have received USDC rewards

On January 10th, we officially launched the ZKF staking feature. Now, over 2.6 billion ZKF tokens have been staked, accounting for 26% of the total token supply. The number of unique staking addresses has exceeded 40,000. These users will share 75% of the total profit according to the corresponding rules, while the remaining 25% will be allocated to DApp developers. As the first L2 network in the industry to implement Gas fee profit sharing, our technical team has continuously optimized the functionality of the Stake page to provide users with a better product experience.

Currently, all ZKF stakers can check their individual earnings in real-time through the Stake page on the ZKFair official website.

Regarding the future: The $10 billion target is not a fantasy

In the past two weeks, we have participated in Space events at various major exchanges and have been repeatedly asked about our future development plans. Here, we want to emphasize once again that there is still much to be accomplished and realized in the future. The $10 billion target is not a mere fantasy but a well-considered and practical goal. The specific plans are as follows:

Firstly, our Stake feature has just been launched. The increasing staking volume and the USDC rewards that have already been distributed demonstrate the community’s strong approval of the L2 Gas fee profit-sharing model. This is a significant milestone and leads ZKFair towards further community engagement.

Furthermore, ZKFair will also support cross-chain integration of BTC L2 assets in the future. Currently, our technical team is working diligently on it, and it will be launched at the appropriate time.

Lastly, the establishment of an on-chain ecosystem remains our top priority. Currently, more than 100 projects have applied to join the ZKFair ecosystem. Some recent exciting news has emerged: ZKFair has announced a partnership with SPACE ID to launch .zkf domain name services, and the whitelist activity for this service has already begun. Leading NFT project Element has also announced its successful deployment on ZKFair, and joint NFT issuance is currently being prepared.

Additionally, we are actively engaging with projects that have deployed or expressed interest in deploying on ZKFair to discuss the feasibility of the Fair mode. ZKFair has already launched the Fair Launchpad application, and high-quality projects will have the opportunity to complete their early-stage launches with 100% Fair Launch and undervalued valuations. These projects will empower the ZKF ecosystem, thereby bringing more benefits to all ZKF users.

We are also actively communicating with projects in various promising sectors, such as AI infrastructure, AI agents, games, basic DeFi protocols, Depin, Bitcoin Ordinals, Bitcoin Layer2, ZK Applications, and web3-powered consumer apps. To ensure security, our official team will conduct code contract audits before projects can be admitted. For high-quality projects, we will provide early support and assistance. We believe that the community will witness a more diverse and thriving ZKFair ecosystem.

For a new L2, we deeply understand that everything in the past has been just a prelude.

In the future, we will always uphold the initial belief of “Without users, we are nothing.” We will work together with the power of every community user to accomplish a dream that everyone thought was impossible.