Apeiron Deep Dive

Apeiron is a blockchain game that joins the entertainment of play-to-earn gaming with utility of NFTs

by Kadeem Clarke

Blockchain gaming is still in its infancy relative to the rest of the gaming industry. P2E games have a long way to go before they can be expected to achieve mass adoption levels.

The usage of blockchain in game development was minimal until the success of Axie Infinity. With nearly two million users logging in daily by the end of 2021, casual gamers and developers beyond the crypto community started to take notice. Some remain skeptics of blockchain’s value-add to gaming, while others see potential in games that bridge the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming. 


Some gamers insist that blockchain games are no different from digital sharecropping, as wealthy NFT owners reap the benefits of those earning little. These players argue that it’s simply a tokenomics model with limited gameplay and nothing more than this.

As most people sell their tokens on the crypto market instead of keeping them within the game, the circulating token supply goes up astronomically, which then causes inflation. The GameFi 1.0 model tries to rely on a never-ending stream of new players to maintain itself; however, history has shown us during bearish periods that this is guaranteed.

If they want to be successful, blockchain game developers must concentrate on creating excellent games instead of token value. Even mainstream gaming is having a tough time in today’s demanding global economy; however, the most popular titles usually do well despite adverse market conditions.

The importance of being able to spend time making in-game content like stickers, skins, and weapons and then make real money off of them cannot be understated. It provides players with a creative outlet while giving the game more life and interest. Emotionally attached players are significantly more likely to spend their time and money within the game universe. Backend infrastructure utilizing blockchain gives power back to the player by letting them own their in-game items, preserve data regarding things they create or find, and get paid for their creations.

If developers want their games to be successful, they must focus on factors like gameplay, graphics, and storytelling. The best blockchain games will be the ones where players don’t even realize blockchain is involved.

Welcome to the Apeiron Universe: God Game

Apeiron is a blockchain game that joins the entertainment of play-to-earn gaming with the utility of NFTs. It also falls into the category of god games, which are called games where the player embodies a god creating an overall storyline.

Unlike many other blockchain games, Apeiron has taken six years to develop the god game for Web 3 and the metaverse. Classics such as Populous, Black & White, and recent action-adventure roguelike titles inspired the game’s storyline and development.

An exciting aspect of this game is that players can choose to be a good or evil god, and their actions throughout the gameplay will reflect their moral choices.

Apeiron’s goal is to make players Godlings – newborn gods who control unique planets made with NFTs. The game’s objective is to help your planet grow until it can’t anymore and then reset the cycle so you can keep going. In time, this will result in thrilling PvE and PvP gaming at an alliance level.

The Doods are fun-loving but not very intelligent creatures that inhabit these worlds. As a gamer, you will use your supernatural powers to help the Doods solve their everyday problems by providing solutions based on the natural elements of air, water, earth, and fire. Keep in mind that anything created in the game – like planets – comes with complete ownership to keep or sell as an NFT (non-fungible token) in the larger metaverse.

Apeiron’s Solution

Apeiron is dedicated to resolving the current hurdles preventing many platforms in the blockchain gaming industry from achieving success. To do this, they offer:

  • Apeiron is a universe with twelve mythological galaxies that players can explore. It has different themes and mysteries in each galaxy, along with essential gameplay items to help players progress. Players are consistently rewarded for their efforts as they progress through the game.
  • Our team has six years of experience in game development and solid proof of concept. We expect to deliver the game’s first version by the end of 2022.
  • A three-token economy that collaborates to encourage duties and relationships between players, permitting contributions and efforts to be interchanged effortlessly through the marketplace.
  • Apeiron will use a triple token system and NFTs to run smoothly with a functional economy that prevents inflation. Everyone playing the game–from developers to players–will have more control, be offered better rewards, and get paid for their interactions depending on what part of the game they’re participating in.
  • Apeiron is unique from other platforms because it offers free Seed Planets to new players every month. This allows players to try before they buy and experience the game without paying anything upfront.
  • Our NFT marketplace is highly scalable and built on the leading L2 solution for Ethereum, Polygon Network. This allows for faster transactions and lowers fees.


Players who advance to the building and adventuring stages will find that new features and gameplay have been unlocked, adding more excitement and challenge to the game. The three major feature elements of Apeiron are:

Game Stimulation

Players will be in command of planets with distinct biomes. The player can grow a world to fit their divine plan by using powerful elemental miracles such as nourishing rain storms, gentle breezes, raising mountains, and spontaneous fire.

Detailed steps:

  • To begin, players must purchase a randomly generated planet (base planet) directly or from another player. The player’s soul resides in the world’s EDEN (mysterious structures circulating on the surface of Planets). This elevates you to the status of god on that planet. 
  • Players who want to try out the game can contact gaming guilds to obtain a FREE-TO-PLAY “Seed Planet.”
  • Players can perform “Miracles” by using the EDEN – miracles use the traditional elements of earth, water, air, and fire to shape the environment and aid in the growth of settlements and the planet’s evolution.
  • More powerful miracles and Planetary functions will become available as the player levels their EDEN.
  • Each planet in the game has a distinct set of skills and abilities based on that planet’s class and type. In addition, each planet also has its own dungeon to explore, which the player can use to gain access to additional party members. Players will need to gather a following of Doods in order to upgrade their planets and summon their planetary avatars, at which point they will be able to open up action-adventure gameplay elements.

Planets and Avatars

Once players reach a certain level, they can choose to have their Avatar participate in GvG battles, Raids against difficult world bosses, and competitive esports events.

Each Avatar will fit into one of three categories (The Fury, The Wisdom, or The Fate). The Avatar is like a commander who provides helpful buffs and strong attacks during battle. Depending on the planet’s combat class and elemental composition, the Avatar’s appearance will be different.

In this game, players lead their “Avatar” and “Apostle Squads” into fights. These are essentially Dooods that have reached hero status.

  • The battle gameplay employs card-based combat skills. During battles, avatars can access powerful Skill Cards drawn from a Combat Deck.
  • As players succeed in defending, they will receive experience and rewards to upgrade skills and build avatars according to their play style.
  • Players can customize the Avatar Skills in their Combat Deck for each encounter.

Core NFTs (Planets, Stars, and Relics)


Planets are where the main gameplay loop takes place, and they are required to play Apeiron. There are several ways for players to obtain their first Planet NFT:

  • Free to play via Gaming Guilds
  • Purchase a Primeval Planet – the “Gen 0” Planets that have never been bred before – during the initial planet presale
  • Purchase a Planet from the marketplace


Like “Lands” in other NFT games, stars have attributes that provide bonuses to the planets that orbit them.

  • Each Star comes with at least one planet’s orbital track. Planets must be “parked” in the orbital track to reap the benefits of that Star. Owners can rent it out to other players when the owner is not using an orbital track.


  • When a player starts an Armageddon (a reset), a player will be able to convert some of their game objects into Relics (NFT). Apostles, Equipment, Skill Cards, Cosmetics, and even rare Planetary Wonders may be relics. 
  • These Relics can be placed in a Planet’s Relic Slot and activated in the following Planetary cycle.

All of these NFTs can be exchanged on the Marketplace!

The Marketplace

The marketplace’s launch was a significant step forward for the project, and all account holders will be eligible for the upcoming airdrop of the first half of the Battle Demo Pass, dubbed “Solar Fragment.”

Marketplace supports Apeiron’s tri-token system, which combines governance, play-to-earn, and alliance tokens to create a dynamic economy that reflects reality.

Tri-token model

  • Apeiros –  $APRS is the game’s governance token, allowing players to stake and earn a yield of up to 150% APR.
  • Anima – $ANIMA is utilized in-game for gameplay and rewards players with the earning aspect of the game.
  • Ringularity – $RNGU functions as a unique Team-to-Earn token that involves GvG & GvE (Guild v Guild & Guild v Environment) on the Alliance Gameplay. The team has teased that $RNGU allows players to purchase unique & limited in-game items on the Apeiron marketplace.

The community of Apeiron gathers on the website to trade planets- this serves as the main gameplay loop. Players who own Solar and Luna Fragments can combine these items to create an Apeiron Battle Demo Pass.

After the game raised more than $17 million in its seed round, it launched a marketplace shortly after. With its third distinct token that caters to guild members and multiplayer gamers, Apeiron’s gaming ecosystem is now poised to expand beyond just the blockchain domain. It provides entertainment value to crypto and non-crypto players, making it a universal platform.

Apeiron’s tri-tokens and NFTs work together to produce a functional economy, with various players possessing special incentives to engage with the system. The Apeiron team has created a chart illustrating how other players might participate in the game ecosystem. Depending on the activities they typically perform as part of their roles, each roleplaying Dood will symbolize a corresponding type of player



Ethereum’s gas fees have been a controversial topic for some time. Despite the new proof-of-stake system in Ethereum 2.0, which makes cryptographic work easier, its volatility is still a big turnoff for potential users. Layer 2s provide developers with platforms that don’t require gas and NFT smart contracts, though Apeiron may adopt other chains in addition to Polygon later down the road.

Game Core 

In the end, Apeiron decided on Unity for front-end game development. Even though Unreal’s rendering is better, its performance and scalability still lack support in terms of blockchain game tech stack. Also, the pricing model could be an issue since it operates on a 5% royalty out of total sales volume, which might not coincide with what the chain ecosystem offers. Consequently, Aperion went with Unity because there is a hope that this platform will provide more solutions soon enough.

The mix of centralized servers with Blockchain

By running game logic on centralized server clusters, Apeiron will improve user experience. Only the assets directly related to blockchain will be put on the chain.

Centralized server for:

  • Game Logic Validation to avoid cheating.
  • Blockchain data indexing for quick filtering and sorting. 
  • Planet World Generation based on NFT 
  • PVP Matching 
  • Galactic Arena event hosting 
  • Galaxy progression

Decentralized blockchain for:

  • Planet, Apostle, Relic, and Star NFTs 
  • NFT Asset generation and Genes Transform like Chronomerging, Armageddon. 
  • Token earnings and usage (Token recycling mechanic) 
  • Galactic Arena Rewards 
  • Treasury

Apeiron DAO

Apeiron will allow players to make choices that affect the overall narrative flow, similar to how it is in Dungeons and Dragons. Token owners can vote on aspects of the game progression, such as operations, asset allocation, and buy-back schemes, through a DAO.

In theory, anyone who holds an Apeiron token can join the DAO; however, membership is not required. An external third party will be in charge of implementing the DAO.

Contracts Audit – Certik

Certik is an industry-leading security-focused blockchain platform aiming to identify and eliminate security flaws in blockchains, smart contracts, and Web 3 apps submitted to them. Certik audited all Apeiron smart contracts currently in use and discovered the following issue during the Certik Audit:

Critical Issue – Fixed

Due to logical issues, some attributes could duplicate due to a lack of checks. The logical issues problem was already solved by Apeiron Team, as mentioned in Certik’s Audit.

Certik scored Apeiron’s smart contracts an 80/100 security rating, putting Apeiron at 413 on Certik’s list. 

Why Momentum 6 Invested in Apeiron

  • Apeiron’s gameplay content and graphics are more sophisticated than most of its competitors in the web3 gaming space.
  • The Tri-token model is unlike any other, and $RNGU (Ringularity) will encourage more involvement in multiplayer settings. This will expose GuildFi to new players who were not familiar with the game before.
  • The game was created using the Unity engine, which allows it to be played on both PC and mobile devices. This is beneficial because there are more mobile gamers than PC or console gamers. As a result, more people will have access to the game.

The Apeiron team has laid out an exceptional roadmap, proving they have experience deploying games. Gameplay footage also sets Apeiron apart from its competitors and makes the game more exciting and profitable.

Apeiron is doing something different by attempting to create a new category in the blockchain gaming industry. The message here appears that if you bring your players over to Apeiron, you will be rewarded with guilds. This use of Ringularity coin as currency makes for a clever marketing strategy that should help Apeiron expand faster than other games. All three coins used in the game, including $RINGU, will also apparently be available for trading on exchanges outside of the game, meaning investors can still purchase these tokens to unlock more benefits within the game itself.

The Apeiron team is dedicated to ensuring that their players will have a long-lasting gaming experience. With over 143K Twitter followers, 94K Discord members, and 29K Telegram subscribers – not to mention support from various in-game guilds – they are confident in the project’s growth and potential.

Final Thoughts

With blockchain game developers striving to improve user engagement by increasing game features and performance, the potential for revenue per player will also rise. Newzoo’s global gaming market analysis consultancy forecasts that the number of international players will reach 3.09 billion this year and expects robust revenue growth in 2022.

According to recent studies, the most significant growth in 2022 will be around games based on blockchain technology that uses NFTs. These games will have business models focused primarily on play-to-earn mechanics, one of the industry’s most significant trends today.

Apeiron is a cryptocurrency gaming company that is succeeding by using the Unity development suite to intertwine simulation and action role-playing game (RPG) genres. This combination of old and new under the power of digital assets creates many benefits for the blockchain gaming industry.

Since 2016, Apeiron has had a clear roadmap that our top-tier team is actively fulfilling. We’re strategically positioned to become one of the leading businesses in the blockchain gaming industry by the end of 2020.

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