Bitget Shark Fin — Brand New Investment Experience

Bitget, the world’s TOP 5 cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a new phase of its structured product, Bitget Shark Fin, to all users this February, 2023.

What is Bitget Shark Fin?

Bitget Shark Fin, powered by Alfa1, is a 100% principal-guaranteed, low-risk, structured financial product that promise to earn no matter how the market fluctuates. Users simply deposit their funds into Shark Fin for 7 days to get started and enjoy a stable income.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s a bull or bear market, it has a guaranteed APR and even higher yields if falls in the price range. 

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Why Bitget Shark Fin?

Bitget has its fast and reliable trading system with a speed of up to 100,000 transactions per second, enabling the stability of the platform and allowing users to deposit BTC, ETH or stablecoins such as USDT or USDC to earn higher returns with lower risks.

The ultimate return is calculated based on the comparison between the settlement price of the underlying asset and the price range. When the subscription expires, users can earn up to 10% if the final price is within the preset price range. If the price is below or above that range, users still earn a basic return.

  1. Principal Guaranteed: Earn guaranteed basic yields even if asset price closes outside of an expected price range
  2. Enhanced Yield: Besides the basic APR, earn higher yields for asset price closing within the expected range
  3. Tailored for All Market Conditions: Earn in low, high, and even range-bound markets.
For example, BTC Shark Fin Product, if the closing price falls in the price range, user gets an enhanced APR and earn higher yields; if it doesn’t, user still gets the guaranteed basic yield.

As the market fluctuates, people tend to choose holding their tokens to play on the safe side with “low risk”. Bitget, together with its structured product provider Alfa1, are committed to providing top-class security, insurance funds and 24/7 multi-lingual customer service, and are favored by investors with goal to earn more.

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USDT_20230210_Shark Fin (Guaranteed)

APR:  2.00% ~ 8.78%

Duration: 7 Days

Price Range:  $22,100 ~ $24,100

BTC_20230210_Shark Fin (Guaranteed)

APR: 1.00% ~ 8.60%

Duration:  7 Days

Price Range:  $22,100 ~ $24,100

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